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Jul 3, 2007 07:46 PM

Mexican Restaurants-San Diego

I am always looking for "authentic" regional Mexican restaurants that avoid the usual border fare that is so often /cheesy, lettucy, soggy, and heavy.

An excellent Mexican restaurant that I don't think has been mentioned here.

El Comal, 3946 Illinois St., North Park, in the space that the Cuban restuarant Tazablanca inhabited. A family-run restaurant with branches in Barrio Logan and Chula Vista, this place is great. The food is fresh, light, and spicy. The space is appealing and colorful and is less crowded that the other branches. We had lunch there twice recently, and ordered lengua con chile verde, huevos con chorizo, pollo con mole, chilaquiles, and postre tres leches. All these dishes were terrific.

It is too bad that Tazablanca had such a short run. I had two great dinners there...and then it was gone.

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