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Jul 3, 2007 07:08 PM

there's a Bon Chon (Korean fried) Chicken in Ft. Lee

...and its great. first time there. friendly, comfortable, fast. tried the spicy drumsticks, which were freshly made, crispy, juicy, fairly spicy (not killer), and very good. also tried the garlic-soy wings, which were great. only side is pickled radish, which is an acquired taste, but still a cold, crunchy, tart counterpoint to the chicken. they are BYOB (there's a liquor-beer store across the street). a 10 or 12 piece combo (forgot which), radish, and soda was $12. they are on Rt. 9 North just north og the GW. this is the same Bon Chon that opened in Manhattan recently.

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  1. Its quite good but I actually like boom boom chicken on main street better.

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    1. re: OffTheBroiler

      what, two new korean fried chicken places in one town! I'll have to check out Boom Boom also

      1. re: Skillet Licker

        Can you describe what Korean fried chicken is as opposed to the typical Southern style chicken i.e. Popeyes. I'm imagining it to be something like the chicken they used to serve at Dosanko's years ago. I pass by the place in FT. Lee, you mention byob, what's the seating like? Thanks!

        1. re: michele cindy

          It's similar to Buffalo wings except they coat it with soy-garlic sauce or Korean hot sauce. It comes with a very refreshing side of sweet vinegar pickled turnip . There are tables but I've yet to see anyone eat there. The times I've had it, they've been on the dry side.

          NYMag had a comparison of the different Korean wings joints in the area:

      2. re: OffTheBroiler

        In addition to Boom Boom and Bon Chon in Fort Lee, theres a Kyedong Chicken in nearby Palisades Park. I actually like Kyedong as much as the other two but you can only order takeout, they have no seating. The chicken is great though.

      3. Friedly service, I mean Friendly service. I love those places that make one thing and make it well. Crispy skin, no fat, beautiful chicken. They have the best take out containers that don't trap in the moisture so they don't get soggy if you get take out and are driving for a while, no worries. Try it you won't be disappointed.