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Jul 3, 2007 06:13 PM

fav summer pies?

I just made my first peach pie of the summer. It's my favorite summer pie. Wondering what pies other CH folks get pie-eyed over?

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  1. Fresh sour cherries have a very short season in July - the definitive summer pie...

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    1. I haven't seen a summer pie that I didn't like.....
      Rubarb with strawberries
      Maine Blueberry
      Peach crisp was know as an aphrodisiac in my house. The only difference from a pie was there wasn't any bottom crust.

      1. I like Peach and Rhubarb which you rarely see a recipe for. You'll see a lot of Strawberry/Rhubarb but this doesn't do it for me b/c the amount of sugar you need to make the Rhubarb work well breaks down the strawberries too much.

        With the peaches & rhubarb ... if you make it an early summer pie -- before the peaches are super ripe --- it works out well b/c the consistancy of the fruit is similar and the amount of sugar needed works out well for both.

        Sometimes I also throw a few blueberries in the mix. It always goes over very well. Maybe I'll make one for the 4th tomorrow.

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          Oh yummy! I also like cold chiffon type pies, like frozen key lime pie, strawberry chiffon pie, chocolate pie.

          Aslo Shoofly Pie is my favourite summer pie as a child. Not sure how it is spelled or even what is in it? I think it is of German or Pennsylvania Dutch origin. I dream of that pie....

          Does Pavlova count as a pie? It is so good in the summer. Great way to use fresh berries and stone fruit.

          Lately, I am obsessed with Peach Melba. Just thinking now of how to incorporate the flavors into a pie....

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            My absolute favorite pie is a Peach Melba from a farmstand I go to. I guess it's not much more than a Peach pie with raspberries and slivered almonds on top but it works..

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              Ah Shoofly pie. Haven't had that since I was a kid (yes, it's Pennsylvania Dutch). I know it has a history of being made with whatever was around after all the fruit has been used up. I literally think it has flour, sugar, vanilla, molassas, sourgum etc in. Oh also -- what is pavlova?

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                A pavlova is a large merigue topped with whip cream and fruit, typically berries and kiwis. The whole thing comes out about the size of a two-layer cake.

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                  Shoofly pie, out of my Amish cookbook (Iowa Amish):
                  Makes 2 pies.

                  1 c molasses
                  1/2 c brown sugar
                  2 eggs
                  1 c hot water
                  1 t soda (dissolve in the water)

                  2 c flour
                  3/4 c brown sugar
                  1/3 c lard

                  Layer in unbaked pie crust syrup, crumbs, syrup, crumbs. Bake at 400 10 minutes, reduce to 350 for 50 minutes

                  There are 4 recipes for shoofly pie in this cookbook, the other 3 don't have the eggs (the recipe I listed is titled "gooey shoofly pie"), some add soda and cinnamon/nutmeg to the crumbs, but otherwise pretty similar. One of the recipes specifies molasses, old barrel.

            2. We have a nice raspberry patch here so I do a raspberry chiffon pie. And of course there is also the regional favourite, saskatoon pie.

              1. Plum
                Caramelized Fig and Walnut