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Jul 3, 2007 06:07 PM

Food markets around Huntsville

My family is renting a cottage near Novar starting Saturday and my wife and I will be responsible for cooking 2 meals. I'm not cooking for CHs, but I would appreciate any local and affordable recs for great breads, pies, cakes, farmer's markets, butchers, roadside fresh corn or berries, or whatever I shouldn't miss when I'm there.

In past years, my inspiration has been limited to the Foodland in Novar or the Independent in Huntsville. Please help.

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  1. I noticed a few weeks ago that a Farmer's Daughter is going in across from the THree Guys and a Stove on one of the highways (its also right next to the Kawartha Dairy).

    I don't know what that one is like, but the one in Toronto on Kingston Road is quite good.

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      There is also the Butcher's Daughter, a couple of k closer to Huntsville. They do prepared foods, some butchering, and are a good source of breads and raw milk cheeses for the area. The prepared foods run the gamut between canneloni and lasagna to curries and meat pies.

      A relation now runs the butcher/convenience store in Dwight, which also has excellent meat.

      Not really farmer's markets, but for local provisioners, they are both very good.