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Jul 3, 2007 05:35 PM

Best Noodles in Ottawa?

Dear Ottawa Chowhounds,

My husband has been craving asian noodle dishes for about a month now, and obviously we still haven't gotten it right, as the craving is not going away. We're not so fussy as to specify vietnamese/thai/japanese, etc...any outstanding noodle restaurant/dish is worth a mention.

Still, we'd be especially happy to be shown the way to some excellent soba, and wouldn't be sorry to meet a stellar bo bun, either!

thanks to you all,

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  1. Say it isn't so!! No one's got any ideas...? Soba? Somen? Bueller?

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      hmmm.. come to toronto for asian noodles!! :)

    2. There's a Chinese restaurant on Dalhousie that makes its own noodles - you can see the chef pulling and cutting them through the window. Sadly, I don't remember what it's called...

      1. i have not had a noodle dish that has blown me away anywhere in ottawa. i have a favourite chinese dumpling place, a favourite vietnamese place, but everything else is a bit hit or miss.

        i buy fresh noodles at the chinese grocery store on sommerset (just past preston). i think it is called market 163 sommerset (which is also its address i think). they have a big selection of fresh noodles, all types and styles.

        1. I will recommend Oriental house on elgin street........ I modify them by asking sesame seed oil and sate sauce....once I add my concoction they are some of the best noodles I have ever had......... some days are better then others but as we speak I am going there for some.

          I eat it once a week!!!!!!! good price to and the portion is good!

          1. Go to Huang's Bistro, for the spicy beef noodle satay soup. You'll thank me later :)