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Jul 3, 2007 05:26 PM

Has anyone tried Bistro Charcoal (near the Arclight)?

A friend just mentioned that this place has opened, but I couldn't find any reviews for it.
Anyone been?

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  1. Just had a glass of wine.

    The cuisine isn't specifically anything ethnically. I thought it might be Argentine but I was wrong.

    Loud music from a DJ. Swanky scene. Lots of nattily dressed black guys.

    Just around the corner from Amoeba and Arclight cinema.

    1. I've not eaten at Carcoal even though I work just steps away. It looks pretty corporate-chain-ish and has the artichoke dip appetizer to prove it.
      That said, I'll probably end up there one night after work as it has a full bar - I am just not all that eager to eat there when Hungry Cat, Social, Magnolia, and Bowery are all nearby and worth the extra blocks walk.

      1. Yes, hated it.

        There are a lot of reasons to dislike it; it's inferior drinks compared to, say, Bowery, it's inferior food to, say, Hungry Cat, and it's inferior scene compared to, say, Citizen Smith.

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          Wow, an inferior scene to Citizen Smith says a lot!

          1. re: love2eat

            Hey, that patio at Citizen Smith is always packed! I was just mentioning that if you're going to be that close to the Cahuenga corridor, you better be something really special.

        2. I really wanted to like it, as I am at The Arclight a lot and though I love Hungry Cat, Bowery and Magnolia, I go to them all so much, the idea of another place from which to choose was appealing. But it just was not very good.

          First, we went in later in the evening, when few people were there, and the hostess still gave us one of the worst tables in the house when almost every large booth in the place was open; the good booths clearly were not going to be filled before closing and yet she stuck as right by the hostess stand in the bar area. Odd. Then, the menu just isn’t special or original. There isn't anything on the menu you could not get anywhere else in the area and, at least with the food we ordered, it simply is not as good. The Caesar, for instance: not terrible, but it was pretty pedestrian...and you can get one of the best Caesar's in the city a block away at Bowery. The same was true for the Skirt Steak – mediocre, while the one at Magnolia is very good. And the menu was pricey for what was served. Hopefully they will make some changes. We admittedly went close to the opening, so perhaps service and attitude has improved. They would have to change to or add to the menu if I were to try again.

          Also, 80's music was BLARING the whole time. I don't mind retro music, or whatever you want to call it, but particularly for the setting, hearing 'Oh, Mickey, you're so fine' at 1000 decibels did not help the atmosphere.

          1. My experience was fantastic. The atmosphere was very romantic. The food was great. The DJ was playing some loungey house and the people dressed up a little. I would say it had a sorta new york vibe which was more upscale fun.

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              Where else have you liked for upscale fun?