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Jul 3, 2007 05:13 PM

New to Savannah: Looking for good NON-chain places

Hello I am new to chowhound and Savannah, and would like to know where the good non-chain restaurants are. I like all types of food and I am not biased about hole in the walls versus five star places. Thanks for everyone's help in advance :)

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  1. Have you noticed an overwhelming lack of response to any question about Savannah and the surrounding area? We are new also and are looking for a decent Farmers Market in Hilton Head, nontouristy and reasonable places etc. Here in Bluffton, north of HH I can't find a decent tomato or ear of corn. There are a few small farmers markets, open either in the am or until about 5:00 PM. So convenient.

    Good pizza at Vinnie Van GoGo at City Market, Indian at Madras something on Eisenhower,lunch during the week at Ms Wilkes Boarding House. Still looking for decent Chinese . Oh well, I'll keep looking

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      If you are looking for a good farm stand on Hilton Head check out Mr. Grant on Squire Pope Road. My mom is a regular, and she will not buy produce anywhere else. He is now open seven days a week from 9 to 5, just past Hudsons, before Bermuda Point on the left with an American Flag near the drive.

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        LynnTTT - for really great tomatoes and peaches, you can either go to the peach lady on SC 46 near the old Piggly Wiggly or you can go up HWY 21 north of Beaufort. There is a tomato farm there that has incredible produce - fabulous canteloupe, tomatoes (they have 3,000 acres planted), zucchini, etc. They also make their own pickles which they export all over the country. There is also a state farmers market in Garden City near Savannah just off of Rte 80, where they have lots of local produce. Their silver queen and silver king corn is terrific and is their okra. There are not a ton of vendors, but it's bigger than the market in Bluffton (they have probably 20 farmers there) and the produce is fresh and good. Much of it is organic.

        Good luck finding decent Chinese - I don't think it exists in this part of the county. We do have an excellent Thai restaurant in Bluffton, but I'm at a loss for Chinese food - and I miss it!

        For good food in Savannah - try Jazz'd Tapas Bar - really good!

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          If you make the drive to Beaufort there are great Farmers Markets in Port Royal and usually downtown Beaufort on weekends. Also Barefoot Farms and Dempsy Farms on St. Helena have great fresh produce and they are open during the week and over the weekend.

        2. I've never been, but isn't Paula Deen's place in Savannah?
          The Lady and Sons??

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            Yep Paula's restaurant is in Savannah. I've been and it's wonderful! You can either eat at the buffet or order off the menu. On the downside be prepared to wait in a long line to get in, or get in line well before you plan to eat. She has also opened another restaurant just outside of Savannah, on one of the barrier islands I think, called Uncle Bubba's Oyster House, or something like that.

          2. Just got back from brief visit to Savannah. Here are a few good non-chains for you!

            Soho South Cafe, 12 West Liberty Street Savannah, Georgia 31401 Phone: 912-233-1633, - nice lunch place especially - artsy atmosphere

            Olde Pink House 23 Abercorn St - "olde" Savannah - terrific food - romantic place

            B Matthews on Bay Street - kind of grungy atmosphere, but fantastic food!

            Vic's on the River - - Good food and great view of the river

            1. Just got back from Savannah. Places we loved were: Breakfast - Cobblestone Cafe on Lower Factor's Walk; Dinner - Vic's on the River, and Isaac's on 9 Drayton. Great food for a good value. Isaac's has only been open since March.

              Vic's on the River
              26 East Bay Street, Savannah, GA 31401

              1. I think all the Savannahians are just way tired of answering the same questions about Paul Deen's places from all the tourist-folks. But I'll bite anyways.
                Been here almost 6 years and i recommend the following:
                Starfish Cafe : at 719 East Broad Street - the food is good and the community benefits are admirable; the bbq guys who set up on thursdays and fridays at Victory and Bull St in the car wash have great bbq now that rib castle is shut down; crab stew and artichoke/pine nut dip at Firefly, 321 Habersham St; best coffee and scad student barista attitude at gallery espresso (bull n of liberty); Queeny's is okay and off the beaten path, their tomato sandwiches are tasty and light (1611 Habersham St,).
                For produce, Kroger's in town on Gwinnett has the ;argest and least styrofoam packaged selection for mainstream stores, but try Polk's on the way out to Tybee (Davis' Killer Tomatoes and great boiled p-nuts), as well as Brother's (?) Produce on Liberty at around Habersham, they're related family -wise and have local-ish produce and veggies.
                Also, read up on our town's better food options at http://www.savannahoffthebeatenpath.c...

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                  We found the Rib Castle the day we were leaving the city and he had just sold his last of the day. We vowed to return tand were thinking about this spring break. Is the place really no more??? It'd be a shame to fly there from Mpls and find the place closed up.