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Jul 3, 2007 05:09 PM

Las Vegas: The "Pho" Strip

One of the wonderful side effects of the "Chinatown" developments on west Spring Mountain here in Las Vegas has been the array of Vietnamese restaurants/Pho shops springing up through that area - I believe that we now have at least eight in about a mile and a half stretch. So now comes the question - what are some of the personal favorites from those that have tried a few of them?

I am prompted to ask by my first visit to Pho Hung (5288 Spring Mountain - almost directly across the street from Hue Thai's), which recently opened. It is their third property, with the flagship in Ho Chi Minh City, and also one in Portland. The menu is simple and straight forward, but the condiments were generous and fresh, a good sign. Sampled Pho Tai Nam Sach and Bun Thit Nuong, along with a salad roll that brought a lot of flavor - extremely fresh shrimp and mint.

Rating Pho is not easy without a blind tasting, but has anyone found a particular shop in the area that stands out above the rest?

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  1. It's 117 and you're talking pho! One of the reasons why I think the Spring Mountain "Chinatown" has become so exciting is all the other Asian restaurants that have sprung up. I remember going to the first Vietnamese restaurant in LV, which I believe was on far West Sahara, many many moons ago.

    I haven't eaten pho on my last several trips to LV -- hope that others will chime in.

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      The place on West Sahara may have been "Saigon", which was around since the late 80's until some legal issues led to the closing a few years ago (a rather sordid, but interesting, tale). It was a precursor for "A Taste of Ginger", owned and managed by the sister of the Saigon operator, which was open for about 7-8 years across town near the U.N.L.V. campus, long before the entire Spring Mountain development. I learned much about Vietnamese cuisine through the friendliness of the owners of those two properties.

      I had to be on that side of town again today and did the "official" counting - how about nine pho shops within a 1.4 mile stretch of Spring Mountain? And it is still possible that I might have missed one or two.

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        I'm pretty sure it was, indeed, Saigon. Good catch!

    2. I haven't been to any of the pho places in Vegas, but I know that Pho So 1 has a branch there on Spring Mountain and we like their branch in Van Nuys very much, eat there all the time, and it's pretty highly regarded on the L.A. board if that means anything.

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        i've been to one of the pho so's....for some reason i think it's # 2 or SO and i loved it....on par with the pho i've had in little saigon area of oc