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Jul 3, 2007 05:07 PM

Restaurant in Paris for small group celebration

I'm looking for a restaurant where 10 old friends and family can celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary. Someplace with character and bustle. I don't want a private room though. Perhaps a brasserie. We've enjoyed Chez Denise, but that is too busy and fast for the group dinner that I have in mind. Maybe La Fonatine de Mars?

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  1. Pasco on 74, Blvd. Latour-Maubourg, 7th arr. is a possibility. They do have an open space on the first floor without it being an isolated private room.

    PS: I find La Fontaine de Mars pretty heavy on food and it can be rather noisy.

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      Merci, Dodo. I looked at the website. Could be just right.

    2. Le Petit Prince which I mentionned yesterday would be great,especially a table towards the back.I have seen such groups enjoying themselves...delicious savory flans, chocolate fondant,house wines etc...

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        Merci, Papilles. I've looked it up, too.

      2. I recommend Auberge d'Chez Eux. (2 Avenue Lowendal, one bad golf shot from the Dome Church at Invalides, aka Napoleon's tomb). It is a step or two up in class from Chez Denise -- cloth instead of paper on the tables, no barrels of Brouilly -- and a step down in bustle. The meal will be flawless with a touch of elegance and imagination. This is the Parisian bistro menu done with more flair than most. The second-generation owner is the consummate patrician host. Ingredients and quality are always top. This is one old-style bistro where you can easily get a table for 10 without feeling crammed in, and they don't rip you off on the wine. Book well in advance. I lived in Paris for four years, and this was always the place I would take folks who'd never been to Paris before. Good mix of locals and visitors. You'll get good service if you only speak English. You'll get even better service if you can crack a self-effacing joke in French. Wherever you dine, have a wonderful celebration.

        1. Contact Spring and see if Daniel can accomodate you. I think you will have a wonderful experience.