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Jul 3, 2007 05:05 PM

good breakfast in P-Town?

We are staying in Wellfleet, but will be picking up my mother on the 9:30am ferry in P-Town. She will have just travelled on a red eye from Colorado and we would love to have a good breakfast not just an average tourist joint.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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  1. I've never been that impressed with breakfast in P-Town, best breakfast food, IMHO, is Chach on Shank Painter, others swear by Cafe Edwige on Commercial in the East End, didn't do much for me though the few times I've been there.

    For the "PTown experience" the Post Office Cafe might be a place to start, but that might be kind of high energy and I'm not thrilled by the food.

    Come back for dinner and drinks later that night.

    You might also get more of a response on the New England board.

    1. We look forward to our many lovely breakfasts at Devon in the East End when we spend our weeks in P-town. The blueberry cornmeal pancakes are just the best. My husband loves the rosemary home fries.

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        Just discovered that Devon's has added a website complete with menus. Now I want my Devon breakfast before September!

      2. Noreen's at the Top Mast Motel in No Truro is where we go- Noreen is famous for her breakfasts.
        She used to have a restaurant in Ptown but that motel was torn and sold as beach front lots.

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        1. re: ginnyhw

          The wicked oyster in Wellfleet is great for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

        2. On Sundays, there is an amazing breakfast buffet, I think the restaurant is called Michael Shays, in N Truro or PTown. 7.95 for a breakfast wonder!

          1. On Commercial street, I think maybe Cafe Heaven, is a great place. One of the best eggs benedict that I have ever had.