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Jul 3, 2007 04:15 PM

Best Fast Food Chain Breakfast Item

Does anyone have favorite nominees in this category. For my part, I really like Jack in the Box's breakfast ciabatta.

I've never found anything decent at Carl's Jr. or Burger King (is there anything I'm missing). As for McD's, the egg mcmuffin would be okay if only they could leave the egg yolk a little less well done (I know, fat chance).

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  1. Any biscuit sandwhich from Bojangles. My regular is a sausage egg & cheese biscuit.
    Any biscuit sandwhich from Hardee's, same fave there.

    They are always fresh & never have that microwaved feel that McD's & BK have.

    Avoid the breakfast nugget things at Wendy's they are like fried vomit nuggets.

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    1. re: RaleighRocker

      Well I don't eat pork so that cuts out about 50% of most breakfast items,what is the obsession with pork?Impossible to find a non-pork breakfast almost anywhere but Jack in the Box accommodates nicely by letting you get a big cheeseburger with an egg or two on it and a slice of tomato and for me thats the best breakfast sandwich.Now what restaurant are you getting all that for 2$'s?not many.Ideally I'd like some basil oregano and fennel seed on this burger.Maybe I'll start keeping a mix in my car for breakfast time.

    2. On the rare occasions I eat a fast food breakfast, I go for McDonalds pancakes. I rarely eat meat and a greasy breakfast sandwich doesn't appeal to me anyway.
      I wish the FF places would evolve their breakfast menus to include healthier, less grease and fat-laden options.
      That being said, if I have to eat a Burger King breakfast, my guilty pleasure is the French Toast Sticks. But that is about once every couple of years.

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      1. re: swissgirl

        I have to own up to liking the French Toast sticks too.As millions of Donut and danish lovers would agree,sweet is good at breakfast and the sticks are just the right amount of sweet.They work well with the sausage,so I often get a sausage biscuit and toss the biscuit.
        Now McD's "hotcakes" are a treat too,but i gave up on buying them years ago when they stopped keeping butter on hand.Honest to God,I used to bring a hunk of butter from home because they only had margarine.Yech.Good thing the McD's was only half a mile away.

        1. re: swissgirl

          See, the funny thing is that even though I pretty much eat as much meat as I can and an Egg Mc Muffin is entrancingly appealing to me, I too would love to have some healthier lighter menu options that are SATISFYING and a good value. I generally have a pretty healthy breakfast at home. I like yogurt, whole grain cereal (especially oatmeal), and fruit. The $1 Yogurt Parfait is not bad, but I kill for some cereal to go with it. And I don't want to gouged either. I typically eat about 12-18 Egg McMuffins a year.

          1. re: renov8r

            Yes, the McDonalds yogurt parfait is very good and relatively healthy. It usually has a good amount of fruit in it and is a good accompaniment to the pancakes.

            Breakfast is an increasingly important and lucrative time of the day for fast food restaurants, what with people rising earlier, commuting long distances and too rushed to eat at home, but without healthier breakfast options, they'll fail to attract the health conscious and yes, probably many female patrons, for morning sales.

            1. re: swissgirl

              The parfait is not that healthy- high fructose corn syrup is one of the main ingredients. Also, before they stopped selling the larger version of it, that size had more calories than a Mc Donald's sundae.

            2. re: renov8r

              Best breakfast sandwich going. And, honestly, not really that bad for you as long as you're not eating them several times a week. I think they go around 300 calories, closer to 250 if you have them hold the cheese. Shockingly, the Canadian bacon is actually fat free. When I'm on a road trip, I'll often get 2 and a large coffee and that'll hold me until dinner. Granted, if I went on more frequent road trips, that wouldn't be a great idea.

          2. they gotta tasty egg croissant bacon breakfast thingy at der wienershnitzel believe
            it or not

            1. Well, I haven't had one in years, but I was always a big fan of McD's bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit! I haven't tried a McGriddle yet, but it looks yummy.


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              1. re: puppymomma

                I'll admit to liking the McGriddle. Sweet, fatty and salty, mmmmm

              2. Steak, egg & cheese bagel from McD's would get my vote. Great hangover food.....ummmmm so I'm told.... ;-D