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Jul 3, 2007 04:02 PM

Visiting Cincinnati - where should I go?

I'll be visiting my mom who lives in Cincinnati. She doesn't want to eat in expensive restaurants all the time, though once or twice is okay. She lives in the Hyde Park area.

Where should this foodie go to eat with her mom? I don't tend to eat beef, though I'm not a vegetarian.


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  1. What kind of food does your mom like - it looks like you enjoy pretty much everything...Good, but pricier restaurants in the Hyde Park area include:

    Hugo in Oakley -
    Boca in Oakley -
    Red in Hyde Park -
    Aqua in Mount Lookout -
    Nectar in Mount Lookout -

    If you are feeling a little adventurous, I would suggest heading to to Northside and going to Slims on a Friday or Saturday. Their prix-fixe menu is affordable and delicious. Slims only takes cash or check, though, and it's BYOB.

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    1. re: seamusiv

      Thank you! That's a great list!

      We both like just about everything. i live on the coast, so I order a lot of seafood when I'm out. Should I not order seafood in general in Cincinnati? Or is it good?

      We want to got to both nice places and ones that are medium ranged.

      I'm planning on getting an ice cream at Greaters (is that the name?), but other than that, I don't want to eat in any large chain restaurants.

      1. re: puppymomma

        People have given you a pretty upscale list. For plain old great bar food which is reasonably priced, go to Habits in Oakley (on Madison Rd., right on Oakley Square). The white chili and the potato rag are both to die for. Catty-cornered and just off the square on Isabella, Oakley Pub and Grill has one of the finest burgers in town, and their Asian slaw makes a nice side.

        1. re: puppymomma

          Slims is currently featuring a fig tart so exquisite that, having eaten it this past Thursday (7/12), I went back to have it again yesterday (7/14). Go before they take it off the menu! Slims and Honey, both in Northside, are both wonderful in different ways -- terrific, creative food at reasonable prices. Also, I think Slims just started taking credit cards; they don't have a liquor license, but they welcome you to bring your own.

        2. re: seamusiv

          Nectar in Mt. Lookout offers delicious food and is very comfortable. The charcuterie plate I had there was even better than at J-Ro's. Don't miss it.

        3. Middle range restaurants in Hyde Park area:

          Good for breakfast~

          List of businesses in Hyde Park Square~

          I like Indigo~

          and Teller's~

          In Oakley, Dewey's for pizza~

          Kona Bistro~

          Lemon Grass or Wild Ginger for Asian~

          And try Aglamesis Brothers for ice cream {compare with Greater's, if you have the chance}~

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          1. re: soozycue520

            I second The Echo (for breakfast or lunch) and Kona (for dinner). I like Lemon Grass and Bangkok Bistro (also in Hyde Park) for Thai.

            Also, head to Clifton (by UC) for a change of locale ... Myra's Dionysus for a less expensive, very fresh veggie-friendly dinner in a cool courtyard; Cactus Pear for a margarita with chips and a different kind of salsa; and Ambar for great Indian food (Baba, in Oakley, has the same menu if you want to stay closer to home).

            Melt (in Northside, near Clifton) offers lots of great salads and sandwiches for a reasonable price. Honey is a nice dinner splurge -- I prefer it to Slim's, but others may feel differently.

            Also try to hit Findlay Market downtown for fun -- you can pick up some fresh ingredients for a home-cooked meal (or snack before dinner). I've not been to the Hyde Park Farmer's Market yet (I believe it's held every Sunday close to the corner of Edwards and Observatory) but it would be a closer-to-home option than Findlay Market.

            Enjoy Cincinnati, and let us know what you try and what you think of it!

          2. Just make sure you make a trip to Graeter's early on when you are there - because if you do it later, you will wish you had time to go back (and back, and back!) If your Mom likes the Cincinnati-style chili, you might want to try that, just for kicks. It does have beef in it, but also pork, and a mess of spices that make it taste like no other chili you have had.

            1. What a great list of places! I shared with my mom and we definitely plan to go to Lemongrass, Indigo (she loves that place), and Aglamesis Brothers. She was curious if Slims is the restaurant run by the chef who recently left a 5 star restaurant in the area. A French Chef. I think the last name was Robert. She would like to take me to whatever restaurant it is that he runs now.

              What a great list. I appreciate all of your input.

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              1. re: puppymomma

                Sounds like she’s referring to Jean-Robert de Cavel, formerly of the Maisonnette. He has multiple restaurants now, in both Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. If she’s offering to spring for dinner at Jean-Robert at Pigall’s (, his flagship restaurant, I would recommend you take her up on it. The others are excellent as well (info on some of them here:

              2. In addition to all the advice you've been given, let me add Bella Luna just south of Hyde Park on Eastern Ave. Its great, reasonably priced Italian food, and their bread pudding with a butter amaretto sauce is probably among the top 5 foods I have ever eaten. Seriously worth a visit.

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                  This information may be a bit late, but I did want to add Palomino's to the list. It is Downtown, with a lovely view of Fountain Square. My family (19 of us!) celebrated my mom's birthday there a couple of weeks ago, and the meal was wonderful, and service was excellent. Our group included 5 boys ages 6-15 and my 13-year-old vegetarian niece, and everyone came away happy. We left the wine choices to my oenophile brother, who said their wine list was "well represented".