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Jul 3, 2007 03:53 PM

Fairway Question-Sunday Morning Bagel/Lox

We made our first trip to the Red Hook Fairway today (we shop at the Plainview, LI location).

I'm wondering does their Cafe do bagels, lox, etc. on the weekends. I should have asked while I was there...

It occured to me on the ride home that it might be nice to pop in there on a Sunday morning and enjoy a bagel and the Times sitting outdoors. What a great spot!

I'm just not sure of the weekend hours, etc. and availability of bagels/lox at the Cafe.

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  1. Yes they fact, for what you get, it's a good value...about $5.50 with more than enough smoky salmon, generous cream cheese, salad greens and a handful of ripple chips.

    I imagine the lox varies from day to day, but if anyone has intel, post it here.

    1. Yes, they do. Yes, it is. I've done just that for 3 weekends running. Perfectly relaxing spot. Just be aware that their coffee isnt so good.