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Fairway Question-Sunday Morning Bagel/Lox

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We made our first trip to the Red Hook Fairway today (we shop at the Plainview, LI location).

I'm wondering does their Cafe do bagels, lox, etc. on the weekends. I should have asked while I was there...

It occured to me on the ride home that it might be nice to pop in there on a Sunday morning and enjoy a bagel and the Times sitting outdoors. What a great spot!

I'm just not sure of the weekend hours, etc. and availability of bagels/lox at the Cafe.

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  1. Yes they do...in fact, for what you get, it's a good value...about $5.50 with more than enough smoky salmon, generous cream cheese, salad greens and a handful of ripple chips.

    I imagine the lox varies from day to day, but if anyone has intel, post it here.

    1. Yes, they do. Yes, it is. I've done just that for 3 weekends running. Perfectly relaxing spot. Just be aware that their coffee isnt so good.