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Jul 3, 2007 03:37 PM

Seeded Watermelons-- extinct?

I know, and understand, that SEEDLESS watermelons drastically cut down on watermelon messiness, but I hadn't realized that we have reached the point that it is no longer possible to obtain watermelons in their natural form-- SEEDED. I went to three delis, Gourmet Garage, Citerally, Jefferson Market, Gristedes, two fruit stands on the street and a D'agastino. I am not exaggerating. Not one of these markets sold watermelons with seeds in them.

Please help! Is it possible to get SEEDED watermelons anywhere in this city?!


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  1. Try the Union Square Greeenmarket, Trader Joe's or Fairway. I have purchased regular watermelon at a local Gristedes, but I can understand why a supermarket would stop carrying regular watermelon -- very few people prefer it to seedless. Still, in my experience, the very best watermelon I have every eaten was a regular watermelon.

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      if you ever come across a farmer or fruit stand that has a klondike watermelon variety
      buy it. you will be eating one of god`s little treasures. they are so sweet but they are
      so crisp that you can`t ship them without them breaking. so You would have to get one
      from a local farmer.

    2. Add the Garden of Eden to this list -- there's one on West 23rd, and another on East 14th.

      1. I truly don't understand the preference for seedless watermelon. They're almost always tasteless, pulpy, and disturbingly stringy. Is it really that much of an inconvenience to eat around the seeds and spit them out, as we all did happily for hundreds of years, that we need to be subjected to such a substandard product?

        I finally saw some seeded watermelons a few days ago at the Brooklyn Fairway and bought a couple of them. At 59 cents a pound they were more expensive than those seedless things, but oh-so-much better.

        1. I thought I was the only one on earth looking for seeded watermelon. The seeless ones are getting smaller and smaller. Leave it to MAN to detroy something else. Who comes up with ways to detroy our food.

          1. I agree, I prefer the seeded version. They taste better! I also have not been able to find them.

            Another fruit that has seemingly become extinct: NON super-sweet bright yellow-fleshed pineapple. I can no longer find "regular" tangy pineapples. Guess most people do not like tangy fruit anymore. A pity.