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Jul 3, 2007 02:37 PM

Georgetown Restaurants

My parents are stuck in Georgetown this weekend. What are some good restaurants for them to try? To give you an idea, when they come up we usually go to Fonda San Miguel, Wink, Ruth Chris (Dad loves it), Z-tejas (next to the hotel), or some other reasonably nice restaurant. Georgetown or North Austin would work.

They usually stay at the arboretum, so I was going to try to get them out to Backstage Steakhouse, but that is probably too far now

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  1. There aren't a whole lot of options in Georgetown, but this page from the Chamber of Commerce might help:

    I thought that Wildfire had closed but it is still linked on this page. When I went to school in Georgetown this was the only "nice" restaurant in town and the food was quite good. I would call to see if they're still around.

    On this list is also Chantal's Bistro, which received a favorable review by the Statesman a while back (a source I'm reluctant to trust), but it seems like the menu is going in the right direction for what you are looking for.

    For a more relazed meal (or breakfast or lunch) I would heartily recommend the Monument for good old fashioned diner food. I haven't been in a few years, but I remember the chicken fried chicken/steak, fried whole catfish and the chocolate pie fondly.

    You might also venture out to Walburg for the Beer Garden and German Fare. And, there's a new sushi place in Georgetown that got a brief mention here on the boards....but it seemed like an employee putting out hype.

    If you went into Round Rock, I've had a few quite good meals at Main Street Grill.

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      I found Chantals to be overpriced with very poor food and an idiot for an owner

      1. re: mhankmichel

        Are you just here to be nasty? This coupled with your other comment is extremely unhelpful.

        I for one have found the owner of Chantal's to be extremely affable and charming. The food was solidly good and the atmosphere was fab. The amuse bouche was some house-cured olives that were very tasty. I can't remember what we ordered (it was a few months ago) but I do know that we were treated very well and enjoyed the meal greatly. When we go back I'll pay better attention and report here on CH.

        1. re: sweetbasil

          The owner at Chantal's (Bob, I believe?) is a bit much--in that overly friendly, northeast, how ya' doin' kind of way. It's not my favorite personality, but in his defense, I think he is trying his best to make folks feel welcome so that his business stays afloat.

          I too suspect they have made a misstep in offering such a high price menu in this area, though recently they are offering less expensive dinners on weeknights from a more limited menu. This piques my interest, and we are hoping to try it soon. I just wish they would rotate their wine list more often.

          Generally, we're pretty supportive of small local restaurants, particularly ones in the "downtown" area because it seems an uphill battle for them. I'd rather pay much more and support them, even if I'm not bowled over, because I hope that this kind of behavior will eventually convince restauranteurs that real people who like real food do live up here and really don't always want to drive into Austin.

    2. Gtown gets a bad rap. There are some excellent places to eat here. (though admittedly maybe not up your parents alley, with the exception of Wildfire)

      Mariachis de Jalisco - My favorite Mexican food next to Curra's. Great service, everything from fajitas, burritos, etc. are fantastic. Try the shrimp cocktail.
      Wildfire - Great Texas food. Lunch specials are fantastic. Bread is baked on premises, lots of excellent choices.
      Romeos - About the same as downtown, my folks enjoyed the Alfredo.
      Brooklyn Pie Company - Gone down hill a little since the original owners left, but still a great pie.
      Paisanos - Good family run Italian place. Excellent sandwiches, the eggplant parmesan is really good.
      Stone Canyon makes fantastic burgers and baked potatoes, a huge CFS that is quite tasty, have green chiles, keep Dublin Dr. Pepper in the soda fountain, so there's little not to like.
      BB's Cafe has rolls so good they want to make you smack your mama and their breading for their CFS and other fried items is the best I've had anywhere. They make a mean gravy too. Check it out for bfast.
      El Charrito has excellent bfast tacos and Guisada.
      Dos Salsas makes a mean breakfast, including Chilaquiles.
      Fish City Grill has gotten mixed reviews elsewhere, but I've really enjoyed it.
      The Pit makes great moist brisket
      Georgetown BBQ is an excellent all-around BBQ joint, their vinegar-based hot sauce gets high marks with just about anything along with their really good sides.
      Laurie's Too just off the square is a nice place for Ladies Who Lunch.

      I can't recommend Monument Cafe. The food is just so-so and the prices are ridiculous.

      The 8 mile drive to Andice is worth it for the burgers, some of the best you'll have anywhere, off of a small grill with picnic tables inside the store. [and yes, it's the only store there]

      Walburg Restaurant is good, but I usually skip the restaurant and head to the beer garden for some wurst, beer and good music.

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        thanks for the info on paisanos as i have family in georgetown

      2. I'm really surprised that no one has mentioned Nonna's. It's right off the square and serves pretty good Italian food. The lunch is solid, not fantastic, but dinner--when they serve it--is pretty noteworthy for this area. From what I know, they make all their pasta in house. And because it's BYOB and because it's located in G-town (which so many people seem to think is being "stuck" somewhere), the price is quite reasonable.

        Chantal's probably has more of the ambience you want. It's in an old house that has been lovingly renovated. Good wine list. The food, I have found, is tasty, albeit not that innovative (though I would say not that much less innovative than most other restaurants in this area).

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        1. re: hermance

          Romeos food is truly awful. Some of the woest Italian food i have ever had. I recommend you avoid it at all costs. McDonalds is a major step up in my opinion.

          1. re: mhankmichel

            This looks like you are replying to my post, so I did want to chime in to remind that I was speaking of Nonna's, not Romeo's. I don't want folks to confuse the two, since I agree with your assessment of Romeo's.

            My SO and I went to Nonna's again last Friday night. We had a smoked salmon appetizer that was suffering from a terrible case of schizophrenia--an attempt to be innovative left a confused dish with too many flavors. However, once again, our entrees were quite good for this area, and the pasta is clearly still being made fresh in house. The dessert, however, was terrible--reheated in a microwave. Shudder. Unfortunately, the town still won't seem to pay much for food, so it wasn't very crowded. It's no wonder that can't afford a pastry chef. Still, I'd rather they just not offer desserts.

            In addition, I will say I've now frequented the sushi place in Wolf's Ranch (a shopping center west of 35 in G-town) several times, and it is very, very good for this area--better than what I've had in Austin (though admittedly, I've not gone to any 'hound recommended sushi places in Austin, just a few places with friends).

        2. I thought the sushi place was great too and has some unique rolls. Can't remember the name of the place but it was good and very attentive service.