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Jul 3, 2007 02:30 PM

Opinions on these non-related spots, please.

BLT Steak
La Chat Noir
The Iron Gate
The Hungry Tiger
Steak and Egg

Haven't been to any of them and trying to create a new hit list. If anything off the top of your head fits into the This-place-may-have-been-overlooked-and-it's-not-one-of-the-constantly-debated-restaurants-or-bars-and-I-may-really-like-it places, then please feel free to add.

Thank you.

By the way, haven't been to Monte Marte in Cap Hill yet either. How do you feel about that one and how does it compare to La Chat Noir? Le Chat Noir's wine list looks very nice (and ridiculously overpriced) and there is a sign that says "No corkage fee on Sundays" out front.

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  1. BLT Steak - terrible chain overcharging for everything.

    Iron Gate - long past its prime, though occasionally comes up with a solid deal.

    1. Love Montmartre. Terrific French bistro. Never been to Le Chat Noir so can't compare.
      Steak and Egg on Wisconsin is great. Careful of the S&E on 9th St. Someone got shot there this week. Second death on that block this year.
      BLT Steak is poor value. You can do much, much better at many places in town. Don't waste your money.