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Jul 3, 2007 02:04 PM

An Issue with Hofbrau on Lincoln Road

I was so glad to see an authentic german place on Lincoln, but beer and brats aren't going to cut it when the restaurant offers you packets of Gulden's mustard to go with your food. It annoys me to no end that they don't have a variety of mustards, not to mention ones that aren't served in packets!

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  1. How's the food? I actually heard it is no good....

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    1. re: yomyb

      It is good but Les is 100% correct about the mustard.

    2. I had such high hopes for this place, so I tried the standard staple Suar Bratan and it was tuffer than raw hide! Extremely disappointed. How an authentic German restaurant could pull out the Gulden packets, and try passin themselves off as authentic is a joke.

      This is place a far cry from the original in Munchen! Hofbrau is a must stop when in Munich...phenomenal in fact.

      I am happy they're here, but unless I hear otherwise, I'll stick to their bier & brau...

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      1. re: netmover

        Besides my beef, hehe, with the mustard, I find the food to be meh. The pretzels are just rolls disguised as pretzels and all the wursts I've tried have either been reminiscent of those served with a Denny's Grand Slam or worse. Not impressed at all.

      2. anything new and good coming out of this place other than brau?

        1. Hoffbrau is disgusting. The beer isn't cold, the service sucks, and the food just plain sucks. Even our waiter thought and acknowledged that our food looked sketchy, but did nothing except smile and wander off. To make matters worse, schnitzel aside, when it comes to bar food basics, How do you screw up chicken wings? Is it possible? Yes, at Hoffbrau. Yuck.

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            Best German food nearby is Royal Bavarian Schnitzel Haus - 1085 NE 79th St
            Just over the 79th Street Causeway (on the Miami side near Cap'n Crabs and Boteco).


          2. I'm not making this up...I swear! My friend and his girlfriend ate there a couple weeks ago and says they both woke up at 2 in the morning hallucinating...seeing colors! They both felt like they were tripping and didn't know why? Made himself puke and says he'll never eat there again...sush a shame because the orginal in Munchen is unfreakingbeleivable!!! Viva Oktoberfest Viva Bavaria...I miss the Dabb Haus dearly!

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              Sick and Tripping from Hofbrau or from Royal Bavarian Schnitzel Haus?


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                sorry...HB. I had applied directly to the OP and not your particular post. Just wound up below.

                That's the guy who was involved somehow at Eidelweiss over at RBSH, no? That's good news...I got to check it out, as the HB is unfortunately not an option for good chow.