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Jul 3, 2007 01:55 PM


Going tonight, what to order?

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  1. Whatever looks good to you on the menu. Then report back and let us know how it was. :-)

    1. Their crabcakes are quite good - they also do some really thin pizzas that I like. Quite frankly I am not a big fan except for lunch. Prices are high and I don't think all the food is that great.

      1. So we went for dinner last night. We were seated at a table near the bar (it was jsut my boyfriend and I both in our mid-20's) which I didn't really like but Boyfriend didn't mind and didnt want to make a fuss so we stayed there. I had s tenderloin salad which was greens, gorgonzola cheese, potatoes, fried onions and steak. The meat was fantastic and the gorgonzola cheese was great. The potatoes were fairly tasteless, the rest was okay. It went together fairly well. Boyfriend had one of the days speical which was sea bass served with procuitto wrapped asparagus. He proclaimed it "a fancy fish stick" but he liked it. The portions were small-ish but not unreasonable. Our server was friendly at first but as the night wore on, she became completely non-existant. We wanted to order dessert but didn't feel like waiting around for her so we just paid and left. On the whole the meal was "okay" but for the money I think that there are better placed to go and I'm not sure I'd rush back.