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Overlapping problem with posting replies/comments

How do I describe this? When I hit the "reply" function the usual space to write pops down but the post below does not move down to give space, it just overlaps. I waited a minute to see if time might resolve this issue but it doesn't. I can't comment or reply because I can't see what the heck I am writing through another post. Can this be fixed??

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  1. I'm experiencing the same thing. It works only if I reply to the last posting in the thread, but trying to reply to something in the middle isn't working.

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    1. re: slacker

      Yes! I can't reply to any other post than the last one. At least I know now it is not my computer.

      1. re: cocktailqueen77

        When did the problem start? Did you change anything on your system at the time it started?

        I'll get Engineering to try and track it down.

        1. re: Jacquilynne

          It started about 45 minutes ago. I haven't changed anything, downloaded anything, rebooted/restarted, etc. Thanks!!

          1. re: cocktailqueen77

            Probably related to our recent launch of places, then, thanks.

            1. re: Jacquilynne

              I am getting the over lapping when I reply and scrolling down on a thread some post are overlapping this started around 12 noon Pacific time.

                1. re: Tatum

                  It is present in IE 7 and began occuring after Places was added.

                  1. re: ChinoWayne

                    Now on 7.05 IE at home and not seeing it still. This one is odd....

    2. It's still a problem on the LA board, the Home Cooking and Gen Topics... particularly in the middle of the posts... As said, can only reply to original or last without a problem. Also if you expand a prior post, simply to see what the latest post is referring to, you get overlap as well and obviously aren't able to read either post. It would be nice to be able to collapse a post as well once it's been read rather than having to wait til someone new posts not to see viewed posts again, as refresh expands all posts.

      1. I just got a new computer, and seem to be having this problem, or something like it. I can type my reply, but haven't been able to post it.... Oh, wait -- I was able to post this time. I think I managed it by hitting on the far right of the post button, so I don't hit anything else instead. But still, the overlap is difficult to read through. Any solutions?

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        1. re: clee0601105

          I've been having this problem too.

          The only way I've been able to get around it is to write until I can't see what I'm writing, post it and then go back to it and edit it.

          Today - it's not a problem. Go figure.

          1. re: Cookiefiend

            still going on for more than a week....can't you guys fix this thing???????

            1. re: steakman55

              I have been having the same problem for more than a week now.....geesh.

            2. re: Cookiefiend

              Something that may help in the meantime: I have been able to see what I'm writing, as long as I throw in a couple of extra returns (blank lines) at the end, to shift my text above the overlap, if that makes sense.

              And also, not a problem for me today either.

              1. re: clee0601105

                I'm still having the problem too, though it gets fixed when I go to another tab in my browser, refresh it, and then go back to the other tab. Definitely cumbersome though.

                1. re: chowsupport

                  I am now having the added problem that some responses in threads are overlapping - not only a reply to post in the middle of a thread (doesn't happen if I reply to the last post)

                  1. re: MMRuth

                    Thanks for reporting this.

                    We're working to resolve the problem right now. I'll post another message when it is fixed.

            3. FYI I must lead a charmed computing life - I have Not had these kinds of problems.

              I'm using Windows 2000 (fully patched) and Firefox v2 on a 768k DSL connection.
              When I had dial-up service I had more web page glitches; Google Maps was Awful.

              If you haven't already, I recommend downloading, installing and trying out the Firefox web browser. It will Not interfere with your use of IE (blue E icon) which is being upgraded on newer versions of Windows and may have bugs, er, technical problems.

              1. please sort this problem out, it is impossible to post something longer than a few lines in reply as I cannot see what I am typing due to the overlap, and I cannot go back and edit either once I type into the overlap.

                1. also having the overlapping text drama on both of my laptops and my desktop. Any ideas when its going to get fixed???

                  1. I'm not having any of the posted overlap problems - but - I am experiencing an interruption
                    on a page of posts where a large gap blanks out several responses. I'm in the brown mode so the gap is a lovely shade of brown. I have to click the Refresh button to be able to continue reading the thread, which in itself is no large deal....but it is slightly annoying.

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                    1. re: Gio


                      I have tried several times to get the Tech Team to address this problem. Here's the thread where I originally posted about it:


                      As you can see, I brought it back up on Sept. 10th, but still no response from the team.

                      This is a frequent occurrence for me, and sometimes even refreshing the page doesn't help. It's really, really, really annoying!!!

                      1. re: RGR

                        They installed a number of fixes that should have helped this problem, so I'm suprised it's still occurring for you.

                        Do you have any sense of what particular pages cause the problem?

                        1. re: Jacquilynne


                          Well, it just happened *now* when I tried to read your response. The first time, I was able to see only your first two lines. When I refreshed again, your entire post was covered. I had to refresh three more times before I could read it.

                          As far as I can tell, the problem is random. It can happen on any board and on any thread. One thing I can tell you is that it has become much more frequent. So whatever "fixes" the Tech Team have installed, they're not working -- at least, not for me. As I said, a royal pain...!

                          1. re: RGR

                            Can you take some screen shots and email them to me at jacquilynne dot schlesier at cnet dot com?

                            1. re: Jacquilynne

                              While I'm reasonably computer literate (for my age group), I have never taken screen shots. However, I've looked up the procedure. Never knew there was specific key for it. lol Now, I can't figure out how to e-mail them. Do I have to save them somewhere first? Do I send them to you as an attachment? Can you give me some guidance? (I'm on Windows XP.)

                              1. re: RGR

                                Once you've taken a screenshot with alt+printscreen, it's in your clipboard, like text you've copied and pasted. Open MS Paint (Start->Programs->Accessories, I think, but I've moved my copy to my toolbar so I'm not certain that's where it is normally) and paste it in there. Then Save As and set the type to PNG, and save it. Then yes, please, just attach it to your email.

                                1. re: Jacquilynne

                                  Once again, when I went to see what you've posted, there was another opportunity to send you a screen shot. Anyway, thanks for the instructions. I'll send you something as soon as the opportunity arises again, which I have no doubt will be soon.