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Jul 3, 2007 01:46 PM

Giada's paradise recipes

OK, so I love travel and food shows, so when Giada was having her Santorini and Capri specials, I had my notebook and pen out. Sadly, I never got to use it. There was very little with respect to food and was more of a cultural tour of the areas. I did love most of the foods I saw on the show, especially the profiteroles from Da Paolino. Anyone have the recipes to any of the foods that were shown?

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  1. Food Network hasn't posted any recipes from this series yet, but I found a recipe for ravioli caprese just by googling it (several recipes, in fact).

      1. re: emmisme

        Thanks; I did look last week and they omited the recipes but had links to the places visited. This must have been an add on - much appreciated.

        1. re: itryalot

          Thanks for this post. I have been looking on Food Netowrks site for the recipe for the fried feta cheese that was done in Santorini.

        2. re: emmisme

          Thanks! I have been looking for the ravioli recipe as well. Since I was also more interested in the food, I know I can forget about trying on Jackie O's capri pants.

          1. re: emmisme

            Has anyone tried the squash and shrimp combination? Cubes of butternut squash don't seem like a great pairing with shrimp, how do the textures work together?

            1. re: katalina

              I thought the same thing when I saw her make the squash and shrimp combo. Doesn't wet my appetite or sound appealing. But, I think Giada eats only the few bites on the TV show, I'm just not convinced she actually eats a full meal of what she cooks. (who can trust a size zero zero chef?) I do usually like most of her recipes however; in spite of her tiny body!

          2. Saw a link to the recipes from Capri. Here's a link to what was included for Santorini:

            What I've been looking for is the ratatouille recipe with potatoes when she was on Crete....

            Has anyone seen that one or know of something similar?