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Jul 3, 2007 01:37 PM

Goat butter?

Has anyone ever had goat milk butter? I love everything goat, and just made some of my own butter, (inspired, like many others I'm sure, by the NY times article), and the idea occurred to me to combine the two... Does goat milk have enough cream to make butter?

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  1. There are commercially available butters made from goat milk -- one brand available in Northern California (mostly through "natural" grocers) is Meyenberg.

    My take on it is that in addition to having a slightly "goaty" taste, it has a different texture -- fluffier and less "waxy" than cows' milk butter.

    1. Goat cream is lower in the kind of fats that make it easier for cow cream to be churned into butter.

      1. I have had goat butter.

        It is delicious.

        I used to get it at my local market up in Northern CA

        1. I cook for someone who is allergic to anything with COWS milk in it but can tolerate goat and sheep milk. I often use goat butter as an alternative to margerine (gack) but it does have a goaty taste that may not be appropriate for some things, cookies, for example. Also, it's pricy.

          It is really nice on some fresh no knead bread.

          1. I LOVE IT! However, it does have a "goaty" or slightly gamey finish. My wife is reminded of lamb and she is not a fan.