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Jul 3, 2007 01:36 PM

Jfood review of MGM Grand Restos - Vegas

Jfood spent a couple of nights in LV last week at MGM. It gave him a chance to sample a couple of restos and wanted to give some feedback. Since it was >100 degrees, jfood decided to hunker down with only restos in the hotel.

Lunch at Emerils – Ordered the XXX ($26). Two smallish pieces of fish with two shrimp over dirty rice. When first presented jfood thought it was a little meager looking. The fish was perfectly cooked and seasoned nicely, the dirty rice had a nice bit of andouille sausage intermingled. It was a nice size for lunch in hindsight. Service was excellent and very attentive. Overall a good solid 9 on the jfood scale.

Dinner at CraftSteak – As a solo decided to sit at the bar. Although the bartender that served jfood tried his best, jfood did not feel he was really into it. There was another bartender who came over more often and offered advice. Started with Fannie Bay Oysters ($3 each). They were the only west coast oysters on the menuWhen they arrived jfood noticed a wide variance in the sizes ranging from VERY small to medium. The horseradish is about as hot as you can imagine and jfood appreciated the head’s up from the bartender. Jfood also ordered rib-eye MR ($42) and French fries ($11). The steak was much larger than anticipated and that made jfood smile. Likewise the fries were a huge portion, but they were a little too salty for jfood. Meal, tax and tip came to ~$95. Prices are sky-high at the hotel restos so be prepared. Overall jfood would give this meal an 8.

Dinner at Seablue – Second night with a colleague took jfood to Seablue. Since the previous night lessened the pain of seeing the LV prices, jfood knew going in that it was pricey. Jfood went for an assortment of west coast oysters, each $4, outrageous but it’s Vegas. The oysters arrived and they were well worth the price. They were swimming in liquid, cold, plump, fresh and outstanding the Fannire Bays were enormous compared to the previous night in CraftSteak. The horseradish was back to normal and jfood enjoyed these very much. For an entrée jfood ordered the loupe de mer grilled ($40). The fish was perfectly cooked and was delicious. For a side jfood ordered the Moroccan fries. These too with some mid-eastern spices were a nice touch with the fish. Dinner for 2 was $190.

Stage Deli – How does everyone feel about taking a corned beef and a pastrami sandwich on a flight. Well jfood decided, what the heck, long flight and lousy airplane food. So jfood did just that. Sandwiches are $7 and if you can find the deli it is well worth the shlepping the sandwiches with. The pastrami was a little gelatinous but the corned beef was very good. Jfood figured it must have been good from the looks he received from fellow passengers. He probably could have sold a few to others.

All in all jfood was pleased with the food at the MGM, but the prices are staggering. But then again a hotel that charges $25 for the use of the fitness center figured it out, the hotel guests are a captured audience most of the time and convenience is the key to many in Vegas.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I do so much walking in Vegas I don't think to use the fitness center. I might at MGM if it was close to the pools

      1. jfood, K.K. runs a class act at the MGM. From time to time my golf foursome camps out in the terraced suites on 24-30 which have a dedicated elevator, chef, and kitchen. A comment I recall from the first visit: "we don't really have a menu; you can have....anything you want". Cool, I thought. "A big plate of chocolate covered strawberries, please" would accompany well this bottomless champagne after a hot round. "Sir, white or dark chocolate?". In short order, we had a silver tray of white chocolate strawberries larger than golf balls.
        And yeah, ya gotta pay to plaaayyy. But always reliable and high quality.

        1. If you ever think you're rich, just take a trip to Vegas and go look around a bit, and you'll probably reconsider. I was there just recently for a couple of days (in retrospect, not long enough) and although someone from an expensive place like New York might not be too shocked, but it's the type of place that makes you feel like you hit the jackput when you find an ATM that only charges a $2 service fee (Forum Shops, near the valet parking pick-up if you're wondering) and the cheapest entertainment I could find on a Thursday evening was to play a rock on a $2/4 limit hold-em game.

          As for food, I had actually intended to try out the tasting menu at L'Atelier when I was there, but I just didn't have enough time to get there. I'll probably make sure to do it next time I make it down there though.

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            Las Vegas is full of great inexpensive places -- just get thyself away from the Strip.

            1. re: Dave Feldman

              It's kind of hard to do that if you don't have a car (in my case, I did have a car, but the parking was too much of a hassle, so I just parked it at the hotel and left it there) but you are right. Next time I'm in the area (although I don't expect it to be anytime soon) I'll have to do a bit more exploring around off the strip

          2. The original comment has been removed