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Farmers' Markets week of July 1st

I’m just back from the Copley Market, and I scored a treasure---Cook’s Orchard picked one pint of blueberries and they are now on my kitchen counter waiting to make my husband a very happy man. Other folks say their blues are almost there but not quite yet.

Many have field raspberries coming in now. Hamilton Orchards had both the greenhouse ones that are not sprayed and the outside version.

Most vendors said this would be their last week for strawberries so enjoy them while you can.

Atlas added some very pretty pattypan squash to their line up. Their cooking greens selection is wonderful. Beans and greens is one of our favorite quick summer meals.

Sienna farm has some of the prettiest displays. Chris is bringing in more and more items from the kitchens at Oleana. Pastries, spice boxes and some dips (Farmer Chris from Sienna Farms is married to Ana Sortum chef at Oleana.)

Stillmans had ground lamb back this week. I just love creating new dishes with it. Aiden said that he is hoping for his first early corn about July 10th.

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  1. I went to the Lexington market today and the selection was quite good. I am a bit berried-out at the moment but I stocked up on beef from River Rock, chicken and eggs from an organic farm whose name escapes me now (maybe it was Butter Brook?), lovely beets from Stillmans, and gorgeous chard, carrots, summer squash, and tomatoes from Busa. There were all kinds of wonderful looking lettuces, greens, peas, and beans. I didn't find any broccoli this time though, unfortunately.

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      Sienna had some wonderful broccoli at Copley. I did grab some of that.

    2. First time at Arlington (Davis being closed). Nice selection, got some stellar strawberries at Dick's Farmstand IIRC. There's a meat stand (didn't try). Highlight: One small stand had pints of both red and white currants, and gooseberries, for $3/pint.

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        I was surprised at how many stands were open at the Arlington market given that it was the 4th. We bought romaine and salad bowl lettuce, zucchini and summer squash, and fresh peas from Busa. Their lettuces are always great. I usually just go to the farm but since I was off work I caught them at the market. The meat stand is Chestnut Farms - didn't get anything there but they were selling sausage, grass fed beef (ground), and pastured pork chops.

      2. There were blueberries at Brookline yesterday, from Kimball's, I think. I got a different variety of summer squash from Enterprise, and I've forgotten the name already. It's yellow with green shading toward the blossom end, and the sign said it has a nutty flavor. Ring any bells?

        1. At Dewey Square yesterday, when I asked Norse Farm how much longer they'll have strawberries the woman there said "fifteen minutes."

          They had field raspberries, and will have blueberries next Monday. On the veggie side of things, two kinds of peas, broccoli, and some lettuces.

          Unfortunately, Dewey Square has been pretty quiet this week - looks like the farmers take this week off too.

          1. It was back to Mission Hill for me yesterday - unfortunately no more strawberries, but I did get some interesting stuff from Drumlin farm including candy striped beets (really pretty and nice to eat raw), some sort of Japanese turnip - these were really good raw too - a bit sweet, a bit bitter and nice and crisp. I had not had either of these before, but they were really quite good. This weekend I am going to try them cooked to see which way they are better (in my opinion of course).

            1. I went to Belmont yesterday and got some tasty snap peas and strawberries from Kimball and a very delicious burrata cheese from Fiore di Nonno. I haven't tried a more traditional style burrata yet to be able to compare, but hers was very good. She said she fills them with a mixture of greek yogurt and mascarpone.

              1. Hit Arlington on Weds (thank you july 4th day off!) and Copley today. Like Aromatherapy upthread, I found the strawberries from Arlington were phenominally sweet and juicy; the ones I got today at Copley aren't nearly as good, but still totally better than no strawberries at all (don't recall the farm names).

                Picked up beautiful greens from Arlington (dandelion and rainbow chard), as well as pruplette onions, cilantro, and milk bread. Copley yielded huge easter egg radishes and stunning shitake mushrooms from Siena Farms, and a big package of kilebasa from Stillman. Can't wait to grill tomorrow night with all these tasty greens and sausage!

                Also, I have recently discovered kousa squash from a variety of vendors -- kind of a bulbous, lighter green version of a zuke -- and I'm hooked. (Where have I been that I've never seen these before?) They're so sweet and tasty! I don't want to do anything to them but a quick steam and a sprinkle of sea salt.

                1. I bought some great blueberries on Tues. from Charlton Orchards at the Lexington market. The Globe Fish Market had a long, long line. Maybe I'll join it next week - any recs? From the list of fish they had, I got the idea that it wasn't all local.

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                    Nope, far from it - I think this question has come up in several of the previous weekly farmer's market threads. The fish comes from all over; I think folks have mentioned that only the scallops and haddock, and the farmed salmon, are local.

                    (Are these the same folks as Cyndi the Fish Lady at the Brookline market? We got a pound of the wild sockeye salmon from her on Thursday - best salmon I've eaten in a LONG time!)

                  2. Union Sq.: No strawberries, blues are in (kinda bland) (fyi, looks like a killer year for wild blues, later). Pie stand has quarts of sour cherries again, up to $7. Knife sharpening next week. Market manager says Yangs are expected, maybe next week.