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Kelowna Suggestions

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We're planning to take old friends who are our hosts out to dinner one night in Kelowna and are looking for good recommendations. Ideally, although not critical, we'd find a restaurant that serves good fresh water fish, e.g., perch, bass, trout, etc., in addition to the more common ofeerings.

Many thanks.

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  1. We have not found fresh water fish easy to come by in Kelowna, but here are some places that you can try -

    The best option for fresh water fish might be at the Eldorado Hotel. We have not been disappointed with anything there, and a lake-view table can make for a particularly nice evening, especially with the late summer sunsets.

    Nearby is the Wild Apple Grill at the Manteo, which also offers lake-view dining, and occasionally fresh water fish as a nightly special. Like the Eldorado, it is a comfortable place to sit back and relax.

    We have also never been disappointed with the food at Waterfront Wines, which is a small wine bar with a sophisticated kitchen. But they rotate the menu based on what is fresh, so you might want to check with them about the fish that are available on a given day (halibut and sabelfish on the most recent visit; two weeks ago) - they are right next to Bouchons. It is also a small place, but if you can get one of the outdoor tables it makes for a nice evening setting.

    Fresco's also offers some outstanding cuisine, but it is usually seafood - the current menu does not offer any fresh water fish, unless on special.

    An extremely casual setting, yet a place to possibly find some fresh water fish, is Sturgeon Hall, a cozy downtown pub.