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Jul 3, 2007 12:31 PM

Need good food and cool scene Hollywood

I'm a male in my 30's and entertaining a female from out of town this weekend.

Looking for a fun, cool restaurant with good food and atmosphere in Hollywood. Not over the top trendy, but enough of a scene where she'll have a fun "LA" experience.

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  1. food's not fantastic...definitely okay though...since Yamashiro has great views & an exotic vibe (ask to sit out in the porch area). Food is Cal-Asian-Sushi.

    AOC is always a good bet...great food, refined scene.

    The places on the Sunset Strip are a total circus, fun, but with variable food quality.

    Pace (italian; pronunciation "pah chay") on Laurel Canyon is a classic old place with a strong sense of LA's rocking hippie-ish past

    Bella Cucina on Hwd Blvd makes a decent attempt at Italian food in a newly hip setting

    1. Hungry Cat and Sushi Roku both have hip interiors, pretty good food and, often, celebrity clients.

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      1. Hungry Cat is good for food and atmosphere. Bar Marmont might be more of what you want in terms of LA experience.

        1. Social, Mozza and Ammo all spring to mind. As do the restaurants at the Roosevelt Hotel.