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Jul 3, 2007 12:27 PM

Taipei Recommendations

I'll be in Taipei for work for about a week starting the coming weekend. I'll be mostly on my own, and I don't speak Mandarin (English only). I'll be staying near Roosevelt Rd., Sec.2. This is a last-minute trip and I haven't had much time to prepare; I'd greatly appreciate any pointers I can get -- particularly: what are some chowhoundy highlights that will be accessible to an English-only speaker? What dishes or specialities should I seek out? What should I watch out for?


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  1. Haven't been in a while, but here goes:

    1. Night Market just north of the downtown area. Try the hsiao lung bao (steamed dumplings, the name means "little dragon eyes'), Guatieh (open ended pot stickers). Chicken and scallion kabobs. I have never been able to duplicate the thin sauce.

    2. Peoples: Ask the hotel where this is. Some of the best food I have ever had. Really, really great fusion.

    3. Ask your hosts if you can go to a hot pot restaurant. Not really the right season, but a memorable experience.

    4. Not a restaurant, but try going to a a Daiichi Department/electric store. We bought all kinds of cool gadgets we never saw int eh US. Favorite brand translates to "pot baby."

    1. Din Tai Fung!!
      (for soup dumplings)

      1. Shin Yeh

        Be careful how much you order! We ordered what we thought was a small meal (based on the price) but ended up leaving lots - and I hate to be wasteful!

        The staff were lovely and showed us how everything should be done, even though I speak no more than a couple of phrases of Chinese.