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Jul 3, 2007 12:14 PM

Last minute whim - downtown to South End

So a coworker and I have decided to leave work (downtown) a little early and are looking for a good place to grab some cheap drinks and decent food before we meet another friend in the South End for dinner.

Most places along the way that we can think of are closed until 5:30. Any ideas?


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  1. Beer at Rock Bottom. Chinatown is open all the time. I think Intermission Tavern is but not sure. Parish Cafe.

    1. Good Life and Lucky's would both be open - as would many of the other places that do lunches. I think that Silvertone is as well.

      There are also the hotel bars - pretty much all of them are open all day.

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      1. re: patiofixture

        Give Rouge a try on Columbus (in the 500's I think). Kind of funky with some interesting drinks. I don't know what time they are open, though.

        1. re: billyboy14

          Rouge is no more. It's now a Petit Robert Bistro.

          Picco serves all afternoon.

          Pops has a great patio, and serves a limited menu between lunch and dinner; they have a full bar now, too.

        2. re: patiofixture

          Good Life is closed this week, but I agree with the suggestion for another day.

          (Edited: this was supposed to be responding to the post by patiofixture suggesting the Good Life---apparently I hit the wrong reply button.)