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Jul 3, 2007 12:09 PM

Fiorella's in the French Quarter

Any recommendations on what is good on their menu?

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  1. it's a tourist joint, but the fried chicken is suprisingly good, and douse with a little hot sauce and you're ready to go.

    wash down with a few mugs of abita amber.

    and dessert at cafe du monde just a few blocks away at the french market.

    1. I don't think the Fiorella family has owned this place for a lil while but when they did, I think it was more of a mom & pop place that tourists happened to find while strolling the French Market and Lower Decatur. When Mrs. Carol & Calsidonio Fiorella and their extended family ran it, they pretty much served breakfast to the workers of the produce docks and market stalls starting about 5am. Their breakfast on the French Market side was some of the best & most affordable to be had in the city. On the Decatur side, lunch and dinner favorites used to be Oyster spaghetti or the best soft shell crabs to be had in the city. The Fiorellas were italian and croatian (most of the original oyster industry in southeast LA was founded and run by croatians) and had a long family history connected to the seafood industry, sadly i doubt the food there is as good if they are no longer involved in the biz. Coop's is right up and across decatur and has great, affordable neighborhood food.