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Jul 3, 2007 11:47 AM

Bethesda Restaurants

I am having dinner with my daughter this month in Bethesda and need restaurant suggestions. She does not eat seafood and I don't like Mexican or Sushi.

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  1. I enjoy Houston's for their burgers and smoked salmon...

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    1. re: CH2176

      Me too. Those and the crabcakes and ribs (and fries and baked potatoes) are what Houston's does best.

    2. Price range? Level of formality?

      Not cheap (but not outrageous, either) -- I always liked Persimmon, though I haven't been in a long time.

      1. I don't get to Bethesda as much as I used to, but Black's is always a favorite of mine and they have enough non-seafood offerings to give her some options.

        I'll throw out Jaleo as well - have a nice small plate tour through the menu.

        1. Some of my favorites in Bethesda that fit your cuisine limitations have been Mon Ami Gabi (French bistro), Houston's (good salads, burgers, etc.), and Rock Creek ("mindful" eating, meaning health-conscious without being bland)

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          1. re: gyozagirl

            I second Mon Ami Gabi. I have always had good service and meals there plus its in an easy location to find. Grapeseed is also enjoyable and has a good selection of wine.

          2. David Craig. Fabulous food and great space.