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Jul 3, 2007 11:18 AM

Epic Breakfast in Brooklyn?

"Epic" is the goal of my friend Duane, though perhaps that's just his round-number birthday talking. He's planning a breakfast for Thursday, July 5, for six people (or so), somewhere between Downtown Brooklyn, the North Slope, and Brooklyn Heights -- the kind of meal, he says, where afterward you lean back contentedly (though Duane leans back so gradually that that maneuver takes on a tai chi gracefulness) and say, "That was a great meal." [Close eyes, exhale.]

Duane, his wife, and I greatly enjoy breakfast at Amy Ruth's, but Junior's doesn't seem to be what he has in mind; the local diners and coffeeshops, however lovely, certainly won't fill the bill. I've noted a number of posts mentioning Archives, in the Marriott; can someone recommend a great place for a Brooklyn breakfast that's not a buffet, and not in a hotel?

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  1. Sette in Center Slope for the semoilina french toast, but Thursday is the sixth -- epic or not

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    1. can you travel? St. Germaine in Bay Ridge (83rd and 3rd) is truly epic. Then afterwards you can take a walk down by the shore and stretch your legs. Their prix fixe is glorious, although you might want to sub a cafe au lait in for their thumbs-down regular coffee. Small cafe, chef/owner is very french and you will see him bustling around here and there. Brunch lasts hours as you work your way slowly and delightfully through each bite. Each meal comes with a deluxurious dessert to finish.

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        I was going to post this! Thief! Great choice.

      2. I would agree with the suggestion of St Germaine followed by a walk along the shorefront. Aside from the Herculean task of trying to find parking in Bay Ridge, it's really a great neighborhood with some excellent mulit ethnic restaurant choices.
        If you are using Public Transpo, last I time I checked, the "R" train still ran through Bay Ridge

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          Bay Ridge. :) Great multi-ethnic choices, yes. Great restaurants, not in the least bit.

          Avoid Bay Ridge like your life depends on it. They're all aging restaurants that charge Manhattan prices for suburb standard food. The new start ups are not promising and they're all pricey.

          Unfortunately, I don't have a good recommendation for you for breakfast... but just heed my warning. Please.

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            Bay Ridge has some lovely and tasty choices. An "aging" restaurant usually means the food/service has kept them flourishing in a tough, competitive business that has over a 50% failure rate....
            With all respect to my fellow Chowhounder's posting above, prices are comparable to, and often less than eateries in the Slope/ DUMBO-Williamsburg//BH, etc.and the neighborhood is delightful. Of course there are cheap eats as well as the pricier places. (someone has to chip in for the rent!) Those concerns aside, I absolutely stand by my original recc. of St Germaine as a great choice for breakfast.

            1. re: Tay

              Those aging restaurants are still there because of the neighborhood and clientele... Bay Ridge isn't the trendy hip new location for Manhattanites to bombard and yuppify. It really is an old Brooklyn neighborhood, although it's definitely starting to change (what is up with that new lounge, Level... haha...)

              My point is that although there are established restaurants in Bay Ridge, none of them serve the quality of food that hounds are looking for. For the most part, it's just ridiculously large portioned American-Italian food with a bad wine list. And the prices aren't too much to brag about... they're quite high for what you get.

              There are better choices out there.

              1. re: bluishgnome

                Hmmmm.... Very interesting
                Apparently,we look at the same scene, and each of us sees a totally different picture. ...
                You view the clientele as old and dated.. I look and see people residing in a charming neighborhood crisscrossed with a variety of eateries...
                .I guess on this one,we agree to disagree

                can appreciate and afford ... decidely 'untrendy' food...

        2. Thanks for all the suggestions. My friend Duane ultimately met with a half-dozen co-workers from his law firm at Archives, in the Marriott. Between the "crepes guy," the "eggs and omelettes guy," and the self-service buffet, everyone was very well fed, and then some. Duane says thanks, too.

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          1. re: DaveCook

            The breakfast at the Archives Restaurant at the Brooklyn Marriott is outstanding. Something for everyone, and all very delicious and well prepared.

            For all you Breakfast lovers out there, it is amazing.

            A great place to celebrate with friends, as Duane did.