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Jul 3, 2007 11:11 AM

Squeeze Inn- worth the detour?

My husband and I will be travelling to Downieville at the end of the month from Riverside. We saw the Squeeze Inn in Sacramento on Food Network and the burgers looked mighty tasty. Does anyone in the Sacramento area agree that it would be worth the detour to stop here?

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  1. Yes, a squeeze with cheese, add bacon! They claim its roadkill meat.... guess we'll never know for sure... Its not too far off your route, just jump on the 50 from the 5 and head toward Lake Tahoe, its only a few exits up off Power Inn Rd.

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    1. re: Mr. S

      Oh yeah best burgers around for sure.. Take 50 to Power Inn, go South to Fruitridge adn take a left. It is right there. About 15 minutes travel from your direct route.

      Or you can take ther Fruitridge exit off I5 and just keep going. Long ways though....

      1. re: bennyboy1

        Hey bennyboy1: Actually, you would make a right onto Fruitridge, and it'll be on your left. It's between a liquor store and a glass window place. Don't blink, you'll miss it.

    2. The BEST greasy spoon burger you'll doubt about it! Get the Squeeze with Cheese and, if you're at all worried about grease, don't watch them cook it.

      I would definitely encourage you to stop there, but be aware...they tend to cater to the working crowd, so their hours are spotty.

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      1. re: Mongrel

        Hours:Open Hours
        M-F 10a-7p, Sa 10a-4p

        1. re: bennyboy1

          I'm still fairly new to this board thing, so I have no idea if there is a way to reply to all of you, but thanks to all for the tips! If you're down in SoCal, my pick is Nessy Burger On Interstate 15 at the Hwy 76 off ramp in north San Diego County. Up towards you all we loved Mel and Faye's Drive-In in Jackson. Get the Moo Burger and a homemade shake! When we were there they were grinding meat fresh daily from a local provider. 31 N State Highway 49-88 Jackson, CA

          1. re: lgoodwood

            i was severly disappointed with nations freezer meats. i can't believe i paid $30 for 2 cheeseburgers, burger, 1 large fries and 3 medium drinks. i was totally RIPPED off in terms of quality of food. highly overrated and the burger is tasteless. i was referred by many to this joint. when my wife and i got done with the meal, we both were in agreement this would be our one and only trip to nations.

            back to the topic at hand, i have to give it up to the squeeze inn. i've been there 2x and each time the quality is consistent. i order the squeeze with cheese. the burger is mighty tasty as you can taste the tomatoes, onion, pickles, meat and cheese.

      2. Worth the detour, probably not. I never liked the mega-cheese aspect at Squeeze Inn and feel that it distracts from the burger. I have always preferred Nationwide Freezer Meats on 20th & H; their burger has the perfect zen of fresh ground Harris Ranch beef, cheese, and bun. The fries are enormous - chunk wedges really - and they have excellent milkshakes (in case the burger and fries do not have enough fat). It is a little closer to I-5, but still a diversion.

        Another good burger place is Ikeda's in Auburn. They also have excellent pies to pick up on the way up to Downieville. You may be able to get a fresh peach milkshake with the meal. Both Nationwide & Squeeze are both closed on Sundays.

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        1. re: Sacto_Damkier

          Oh, now you're throwing pies and milkshakes into the mix? I cannot spend the next 3 weeks drooling all over! What about "Ford's Real Hamburgers"? Someone my husband works with recommended it. Road em!

          1. re: lgoodwood


            You've just rekindled the age-old Sacramento debate of who has the best hamburgers. The contenders are consistently Squeeze Inn, Nationwide, and Ford's. Whenever I have this conversation, Ford's is safely tucked away in third place, but the people who debate for either the Squeeze or Nationwide do so with a lot of passion.

            I actually don't like Nationwide very much...I find their burgers rather run-of-the-mill, but their fries are much better than Ford's, which puts them in 2nd and 3rd respectively for me.

            Clearly Sacto Damkier is a fan of Nationwide and I am a fan of the you can take it with a grain of salt. Just remember which one was on Food Network. *winks*

            1. re: Mongrel

              I think Squeeze Inn was featured in a road food guidebook which may be the source of the story on the Food Network. I prefer Harris Ranch beef at Nationwide for flavor and CA Grown appeal. Squeeze Inn does not list where they get their beef from, and I hate the cheese ring. Neither of us will convince the other, so enjoy the Squeeze with Cheese!

              1. re: Mongrel

                Mongrel, after having both Nationwide and Squeeze, I'd have to favor Nationwide slightly. The cheese is a bit overboard at Squeeze - I just cut it off, and I'm good to go. But then it's neck and neck. I tried visiting Squeeze during the lunch hour and after that Food Network airing, the wait just for the burger is 1 hour! So, I'll have to find a downtime somehow.

                1. re: flipxcyd

                  Yeah, see, I love the cheese. So, tasty!

                  Man, now I have to figure out when I can get up to NorCal to get one.

              2. re: lgoodwood

                Yeah, Ford's is number 3. The question is if any are worth the detour. Ford's is probably the most convienent being very close to I-5, but probably not worth the stop. If you are coming up from Riverside, you will probably hit the legendary In-N-Out Chowhound Mecca in Kettleman City around lunch. Squeeze closes at 6, Nationwide at 7, so it may be a "squeeze" depending on your schedule. Ikeda's in Auburn is open until 9 or 10, and is open on Sundays.

                13500 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA 95603

                Squeeze Inn
                5301 Power Inn Rd., Sacramento, CA 95820

                Nationwide Freezer Meats
                1930 H St, Sacramento, CA 95811

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. yes, the burgers at Squeeze Inn are great and worth the travel time from I-5 (about 20minutes) but Lou's Burgers are closer to your route and they are GREAT! I mean, the sauce they use is what makes the burger. Lou's Burgers is on Watt Avenue, just north of I-80 about 15 minutes from your route. Another thing, if you do decide to go to Squeeze Inn, avoid going around lunchtime because I guarantee you won't find a seat or a parking space.