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Need lunch ideas by Tribeca Grand Hotel

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Hello! My friend will be staying at The Tribeca Grand Hotel next week for work, and she asked for some pics in Tribeca. So far I told her Flor de Sol and Landmarc. She really wants to stay close to the hotel as she will be meeting with clients at the hotel.

Any other pics I can tell her? (She is like me..LOVES every cuisine! Price does not matter either.)

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  1. Bouley, Blaue Gans
    Petite Abeille for casual

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      All good options. Tribecca Grill or Churrascaria Riodizio Tribeca are also worth looking into.

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        Tribeca Grill would be a huge disappointment. This restaurant is the epitome of resting on one's laurels. I would recommend columbine for a quick sandwich, landmarc for a nicer sit down lunch and bouley for something fancy.

    2. Montracet

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        Montrachet is closed.

      2. Also Petrarca

        1. theres so many. If price doesnt matter high priced : Danube, Bouley, Chanterelle,Nobu
          more reasonable are : takahachi (sushi), circle rouge (bistro) , Tribeca Grill (american) Nam ( vietnamese) Petit abeille (bistro belgian) Mai House (viet)
          Franklin Station (malaysian 1 block from hotel) Acapella , Roc (italian)

          1. if she just wants to grab a soup, salad or sandwich for lunch COLOMBINE (to go only) is nearby on the corner of white and west broadway.

            1. Two others that have not been mentioned:

              The Harrison

              I didn't know Flor de Sol opened for lunch.

              1. Odeon still makes a nice burger and has a bit of history to it. The list provided by DUCKFAT is on the money. I highly recommend Takahachi. For around $15 you get a sushi or sashimi or chirashi lunch with a couple of side dishes in a great little restaurant.

                1. Thanks everyone!!!!