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Jul 3, 2007 10:28 AM

Need lunch ideas by Tribeca Grand Hotel

Hello! My friend will be staying at The Tribeca Grand Hotel next week for work, and she asked for some pics in Tribeca. So far I told her Flor de Sol and Landmarc. She really wants to stay close to the hotel as she will be meeting with clients at the hotel.

Any other pics I can tell her? (She is like me..LOVES every cuisine! Price does not matter either.)

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  1. Bouley, Blaue Gans
    Petite Abeille for casual

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    1. re: Lucia

      All good options. Tribecca Grill or Churrascaria Riodizio Tribeca are also worth looking into.

      1. re: McJ

        Tribeca Grill would be a huge disappointment. This restaurant is the epitome of resting on one's laurels. I would recommend columbine for a quick sandwich, landmarc for a nicer sit down lunch and bouley for something fancy.

        1. theres so many. If price doesnt matter high priced : Danube, Bouley, Chanterelle,Nobu
          more reasonable are : takahachi (sushi), circle rouge (bistro) , Tribeca Grill (american) Nam ( vietnamese) Petit abeille (bistro belgian) Mai House (viet)
          Franklin Station (malaysian 1 block from hotel) Acapella , Roc (italian)

          1. if she just wants to grab a soup, salad or sandwich for lunch COLOMBINE (to go only) is nearby on the corner of white and west broadway.