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Jul 3, 2007 10:08 AM

Providence, RI--Temple Downtown Restaurant?

Anyone tried this yet? It's the new place in the Renaissance Providence Hotel that just opened in the old Masonic Temple next to the mall. I read that the chef used to cook for the Cheesecake factory, but this new place is high-price, so I wonder how that will work...

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    1. Oh I'm also dying to know about this as well....

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        1. I'm taking a party of 10 for Providence Restaurant Week - they have an ambitious menu, so it will be interesting to see...

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          1. re: GeekGirlGourmetRI

            We took a table of 11 for Friday night at 7:30 PM. From the looks of the restaurant, they got SLAMMED with way more patrons than expected. One cocktail was already 'out' for the night due to a lack of ingredients.

            While we didn't stay long, the lounge was fun and configurable. We were seated promptly, but could have used a quicker explanation of the Restaurant Week menu (divided into 3 sections for 'first course', a second section for 'main course').

            Everyone was happy with their appetizers, with the standout being the broccoli rabe & calamari, although the mushroom flat bread and stuffies were also good. The chopped onion salad had too few lettuce greens and the chowder was really bacon-y.

            Entrees took a little time to arrive, but also allowed for some extra beverage ordering and delivery. The standouts seemed to be the pork chop, the lobster pasta, and the mushroom risotto, with the salmon being the least inspiring dish. Points on the fish and chips for including fried lemon - a VERY tasty addition. Portion size was good, if uneven - pastas came with varying amounts of sauce, so one person got almost a full tail's worth of lobster, while another got much less.

            Desserts were all very tasty, including a proper berry shortcake (no poundcake here!) and the ridiculously over-chocolated cookie ice cream sandwich.

            Down sides - no actual dessert wine/port/apertif menu was offered. The sommelier described the two tawny ports as a '10 year' and a '20 year', but had to go check what ports they were. As it was, the 20 Year Quinto Noval was WAY overpriced, which we didn't discover until we got the bill. Service still need a little practice - water glasses weren't filled often, crumbs & empty glasses were slow to be cleared,

            Overall, I'd go back again. Would certainly do drinks & apps in the lounge, or another big party out. Unless you get one of the 'private' booths, I'd probably skip it for a romantic date night.

          2. A friend from work went this week and didn't like it. Nobody in their large group did (and one is a chef). She started her description by saying "the stuffies were dry..." OK, is it just me, or should the newest hippest restaurant in town not even be SERVING stuffies??

            I actually don't think it's high-priced (she didn't comment on that aspect, I think she was being treated).....yesterday's Projo food section had a review of sorts (not a full one) that talked about how reasonably priced it was.....entrees under $20.

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            1. re: JaneRI

              I went with two friends last week. We all loved it. None of us are chefs though, but I dont think that matters.

              They serve stuffies because their focus is serving high quaility local cuisine. Stuffies fit the bill. I live in Providence and I dont think many believe it to be the hippest restaurant in town. Certainly the newest...

              Its not high priced. It does have a slick NYC feel to the place, very beautifully done.

              The food in my opinion and my friends was very good.