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Jul 3, 2007 09:30 AM

Good Place Outdoors near Rivington Hotel

A few of my friends are coming to NYC in a week. They will be staying at the Rivington Hotel on the The Lower East Side. Does anyone know of a good place outdoors for drinks and food, something that is within a block or two of the Rivington Hotel? Or anywhere in the L.E.S.? Or somewhere on the Lower East Side. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!!!

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  1. Loreley is a fun German place with decent food on Rivington in between Chrystie & Bowery. It has a garden at the back.
    Grotto is on Forsyth between Broome and Grand, and has good Italian food and a pretty back garden.
    Falai has very good Italian food with modern (or post-modern?) twists, is on Clinton just north of Rivington.
    You would need reservations for the latter two.

    1. inotecca is right there and has a sidewalk cafe. 1492 on Clinton has an outdoor cafe, the food is typical spanish tapas. core 191 has a big patio in the back, drinks good, fook ok. For late night drinks, try crudo bar next to 1492. Good luck

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        Inoteca is the obvious choice since it's right down the street at Ludlow. Food is great too, get the truffled egg toast.

        Also Bondi Road down on Rivington at Norfolk has great Australian fish, and it's not outdoors but I think they open up the whole front of the restaurant, so it's pretty close.