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Jul 3, 2007 09:14 AM

Halifax & area vegan / vegetarian restaurants?

Hello everyone,

I'll be travelling to Halifax between July 21 and 29 and I'd love to visit ALL of the vegetarian and preferrably vegan restaurants in town and the surrounding area. Come on, make your recommendations - I'm sooooo looking forward to this! :)

Thanks to all who reply!


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  1. Satifaction Feast is the main one. It is on Grafton street in downtown Halifax. Been around for years. Cora's is a small chain that is not a vegan reataurant but it specializes in just breakfeat and lunch with a large part of the menu vegan style with a heavy emphasis on fruit..

    1. The Wooden Monkey on Argyle St. in Halifax offers a large number of vegan choices as identified on their menu, although it is not exclusively a vegan/vegetarian restaurant:

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      1. re: Greg B

        I've always found SatFeast to be a boring, bland experience.
        Bob & Lori's on Gottingen have an excellent soup & sandwich combo.
        Pyramid Cafe on Widsor have some vegan options.

      2. Be sure not to miss Heartwood Bakery and Cafe on Quinpool. Save room for dessert.

        1. Ethnic restaurants are the best bet for veggie and vegan fare in Halifax. After extensive research, I recommend Curry Village on Bedford Row, Tarek's on Robie (Syrian), and Baan Thai on Dresden Row.

          If you cross the bridge to Dartmouth, Pho Huang Minh has a terrific lunch special: two veg spring rolls plus a huge! bowl of hot & sour soup with veg & tofu for something like $6.95. Nothing else on their menu is meatless, though.

          1. This is a bit late for the original poster, but for those who are keeping their eyes open for new vegan/veggie options, Jane's on the Common now has vegan French Toast (made with coconut milk, I believe) on the menu. And my vegan friends say it's divine.