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Johnny Carino's in Wesley Chapel Closed

sarge Jul 3, 2007 08:23 AM

Sometimes consistently bad food and mediocre service will cause that.

It's a nice facility, only about two years old. It would be nice to see something worthwhile go in there.

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  1. d
    diablita FL RE: sarge Jul 3, 2007 07:32 PM

    We drove by the space where Johnny Carino's was located near Sawgrass Mills mall today, and it was gone, too.

    1. a
      andy huse RE: sarge Jul 5, 2007 08:03 AM

      not sure of the ststus of the location here in Tampa--- i will check. I heard the entire concept and most of the dishes were lifted from another concept.

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      1. re: andy huse
        chefjd52369 RE: andy huse Sep 10, 2007 08:04 PM

        Not true, all the food at Carino's are original recipes that were created by the Chef.

        1. re: chefjd52369
          andy huse RE: chefjd52369 Sep 11, 2007 07:00 AM

          where did he work before then?

      2. jword2001 RE: sarge Jul 5, 2007 06:18 PM

        thats a shame, I've eaten in them in Tx, and Fl, always had really good food.

        1. r
          ramblinwrek92 RE: sarge Jul 5, 2007 10:54 PM

          Interesting. They seem to be doing well out here in Southern California. You have to remember that Tampa/St. Pete is in the backyard of Darden and the Outback folks so Johnny Carinos probably never had a chance against Olive Garden and Carraba's.

          Before I moved out to Cali, I did happen to eat at the one in Wesley Chapel. I was not impressed. Based on my experience I am reluctant to eat at one here in California. I wonder when Carraba's is going to make an entrance in the California maket? They have them in Nevada and Arizona.

          1. dmfnole RE: sarge Sep 12, 2007 09:56 AM

            I heard that some of the Tampa Bay Carino's who's part owner has broken away from Johnny Carino's/Applebee's franchise is slowly turning his previous Carino's into a new concept rest. called Novo's. There's one in St. Petersburg off of 4th St.

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