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Jul 3, 2007 08:23 AM

Johnny Carino's in Wesley Chapel Closed

Sometimes consistently bad food and mediocre service will cause that.

It's a nice facility, only about two years old. It would be nice to see something worthwhile go in there.

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  1. We drove by the space where Johnny Carino's was located near Sawgrass Mills mall today, and it was gone, too.

    1. not sure of the ststus of the location here in Tampa--- i will check. I heard the entire concept and most of the dishes were lifted from another concept.

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      1. re: andy huse

        Not true, all the food at Carino's are original recipes that were created by the Chef.

      2. thats a shame, I've eaten in them in Tx, and Fl, always had really good food.

        1. Interesting. They seem to be doing well out here in Southern California. You have to remember that Tampa/St. Pete is in the backyard of Darden and the Outback folks so Johnny Carinos probably never had a chance against Olive Garden and Carraba's.

          Before I moved out to Cali, I did happen to eat at the one in Wesley Chapel. I was not impressed. Based on my experience I am reluctant to eat at one here in California. I wonder when Carraba's is going to make an entrance in the California maket? They have them in Nevada and Arizona.

          1. I heard that some of the Tampa Bay Carino's who's part owner has broken away from Johnny Carino's/Applebee's franchise is slowly turning his previous Carino's into a new concept rest. called Novo's. There's one in St. Petersburg off of 4th St.