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Ever been to Morton's in Phoenix?

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My husband and I are celebrating our 28th anniversary and want somewhere nice to go for dinner. How about Morton's?

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  1. We love Morton's.....Love the Warm loaf of onion Bread they bring to the table, love the Morton Salad w/ Anchovy and chopped egg over Crisp Iceberg lettuce.....love the Sides of Lyonnaise potatos, hash browns, love the Crabmeat cocktail...love the huge lobsters....and of course the steaks especially the double cut filet!!!!!.
    I really love the fact the smoking laws have gone in to effect...and that I am now enjoying my steak w/out Cigar smoke wafting in my face!
    It's a great place to celebrate.....

    1. I've been to Morton's in the Esplanade in Kierland 2-3 times each, and they were both good, pretty much the same. Personally, I prefer Ruth's Chris, and I favor the Camelback location over the one at Scottsdale & Indian Bend, although both are very good. I'm not as impressed by Capital Grille (just one visit), and while Fleming's is good it is a cut below Ruth's and Morton's. I have yet to try Donovan's or the Grill at TPC.

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        As you may know, the quality at Morton's varies a bit from location to location. The Phoenix location is very good (comparable to the Gold Coast, Philadelphia, Portland, and San Juan locations). However, I would recommend Donovan's on East Camelback Road as your best bet for steaks in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area.

      2. I've been to several Morton's, including the one at 24th & Camelback. It's OK with a good, albeit way-overpriced wine list. I have had much better, all the way round, at many free-standing, chef-driven steakhouses. I guess I should not complain too much, as I have always been the one to order the wine, and someone else has always paid. Still, I think that one can do much better. I broadly typify them (and Ruth's, et al) as adult McD's "happy meals." But that is just my take on them. When traveling, unless I have no choice, I will not dine there.


        1. I frequent the one at Esplanade often. I like it much, though I wayyyyy prefer Donovan's.

          Also,. Morton's is offering a dinner for two for $99 through June.

          1. Mortons and Ruth Chris are ok. The best steakhouses in Phx-Scottsdale are Capital Grille and Mastros. Both have great Prime & aged steaks. Capital Grille has phenomenal rubs like the Kona Rub; Mastros and Donovans are more traditional style - depends upon your taste. Capital Grille is more masculine type decor but quiet. Mastros is always noisy -- espcially Fashion Square location -- but if you can find the right night or time, it's much more romantic (try Pinnacle Peak location). Can't go wrong with Capital Grille, Donovans, or Mastros.

            I hate Ruths Chris -- even thought I'm a bona fide carnivore -- as the steak gets served in a scalding hot dish bathed in boiing butter. It's far too rich, changes the taste of the steak, and if you like your meat rare, it's hard to get it cooked properly as it's as if the butter keeps cooking the steak while it's sitting on your plate.

            If you go to Mastros, you have to share a dessert. They are decadent. My fav is the hot butter cake. Sounds disgusting and it would be if you were to eat the entire serving but it's wonderful for a few bites with an after dinner drink.

            Enjoy the anniversary. However, after such a huge steak at any of these locations, not sure how much romance will follow.