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Jul 3, 2007 08:07 AM

Ever been to Morton's in Phoenix?

My husband and I are celebrating our 28th anniversary and want somewhere nice to go for dinner. How about Morton's?

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  1. We love Morton's.....Love the Warm loaf of onion Bread they bring to the table, love the Morton Salad w/ Anchovy and chopped egg over Crisp Iceberg the Sides of Lyonnaise potatos, hash browns, love the Crabmeat the huge lobsters....and of course the steaks especially the double cut filet!!!!!.
    I really love the fact the smoking laws have gone in to effect...and that I am now enjoying my steak w/out Cigar smoke wafting in my face!
    It's a great place to celebrate.....

    1. I've been to Morton's in the Esplanade in Kierland 2-3 times each, and they were both good, pretty much the same. Personally, I prefer Ruth's Chris, and I favor the Camelback location over the one at Scottsdale & Indian Bend, although both are very good. I'm not as impressed by Capital Grille (just one visit), and while Fleming's is good it is a cut below Ruth's and Morton's. I have yet to try Donovan's or the Grill at TPC.

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        As you may know, the quality at Morton's varies a bit from location to location. The Phoenix location is very good (comparable to the Gold Coast, Philadelphia, Portland, and San Juan locations). However, I would recommend Donovan's on East Camelback Road as your best bet for steaks in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area.

      2. I've been to several Morton's, including the one at 24th & Camelback. It's OK with a good, albeit way-overpriced wine list. I have had much better, all the way round, at many free-standing, chef-driven steakhouses. I guess I should not complain too much, as I have always been the one to order the wine, and someone else has always paid. Still, I think that one can do much better. I broadly typify them (and Ruth's, et al) as adult McD's "happy meals." But that is just my take on them. When traveling, unless I have no choice, I will not dine there.


        1. I frequent the one at Esplanade often. I like it much, though I wayyyyy prefer Donovan's.

          Also,. Morton's is offering a dinner for two for $99 through June.

          1. The original comment has been removed