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Jul 3, 2007 07:59 AM

Seafood recs in Georgetown?

Anybody have any good seafood recommendations for Georgetown? Thanks

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  1. hook is a new hot spot,

    1. I would def. try Hook out. It's very hot right now and the menu looks excellent.

      For something a little more low-key and romantic I heard Seacatch and Black Salt are good. Haven't personally been to either though.

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      1. re: Elyssa

        BlackSalt is very good but not really in Georgetown.

        1. re: jaydreb

          Yes, I've heard good things from a trusted source about the seafood and overall menu at BlackSalt near Georgetown -- and they have a Sunday Jazz Brunch, I believe. Nice.

          1. re: inbox_blues

            Speaking as someone who has been to Black Salt, the food is terrific. The ambiance is not great--it is crowded--I always feel squeezed in, but it is my favorite seafood restaurant in DC, followed by Hook a close second. Kinkeads, Seacatch, Oceanaire, Colvin Tun Tavern, Chart House, .... are all ok but these are clearly the best, IMHO [and, yes, I have eaten numerous times in all of them].

        2. re: Elyssa

          "The menu looks excellent." Does that mean that you haven't eaten there?

          1. re: Dakota Guy

            Nope haven't gotten to Hook yet. I'm planning on trying it in August when my bf comes into town because I think he'll really enjoy the whole concept of the place.

        3. I love Seacatch. Their menu changes depending on what they get so you know that it's perfectly fresh. They do a terrific job. The setting is lovely in an historic old warehouse on the C&O Canal and when the weather is nice, you can sit outside. Wonderful service.
          La Chaumiere refuses to call their Seafood Soup bouillabaisse, but it's pretty close and really good. They have other fish dishes on the menu but I'd skip the crab cake. Not their finest hour.
          Clyde's has wild Alaskan Salmon as their special this month and a friend raved about it to me. They usually have a lobster special one month during the summer that is really good and well priced. They ship the lobsters in and cook them right away so you don't get that kept-as-pets taste. The G'town location is much preferable to the frat-house Clyde's at Gallery Place.
          Although it's not strictly a seafood place, I've had some good seafood salads at Peacock Cafe on Prospect Street. It's a fun, relaxing place and open fairly late into the evening. Nice brunch too.
          Nathan's has crabcakes as sandwiches on their lunch menu and they have some other seafood on their regular menus for brunch, lunch and dinner. Old institution in DC frequented by Georgetown locals for decades. Good fresh food

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          1. re: MakingSense

            Except Seacatch, I wouldn't call any of these seafood restaurants. If we start including any restaurant that serves seafood, the list is very long but Clydes's and Nathan's would not number in the top 100. Certainly the seafood at Citronelle, for example, far exceeds anything you will ever have at Clydes !

            1. re: Dakota Guy

              For goodness sake, Citronelle and Clyde's aren't even in the same category. That's apples and oranges.
              Unfortunately, DC just doesn't have as many seafood places as you might expect and not in Georgetown as the OP asked for. There are some places that do include fish and shellfish on the menu as do Citronelle, Nathan's, Chaumiere, Clyde's and others and they do a good job of those dishes. Within their categories and at their price points. Heck, Horace & Dickie's on H St, NE is one of my favorites - about as far from Citronelle as you can get.
              Some of these places are the trendy spots that get talked about all the time on this board and others are just the old places that have been around forever which are worth mentioning. Obviously, the locals who continue to make them popular don't agree with your assessment. I've been in DC almost as long as Clyde's has been open and have found it reliable especially for its seasonal seafood. On the other hand, I love Citronelle for a different experience. Good seafood is where you find it.