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Jul 3, 2007 07:51 AM

Edmonton Ukrainian Recommendations?

Visiting for several days later this month and seeking your favorite Ukrainian food destinations in the Edmonton area -- dinners, bakeries, groceries, butchers, etc. Any neighborhood is fine, but as I'm not familiar with the city much beyond Whyte Ave and Old Strathcona at this point, any details will be much appreciated.

Happy to reciprocate when you visit Boston (though the Ukrainian, and Eastern European in general, options here are REALLY limited -- we head to New York City for our fix). Thanks!

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  1. rlh:

    The one which springs to mind although I must confess that I have not visited, is Taste of Ukraine []. It is downtown at 12210 Jasper Ave on the north side of Jasper just before you get to 124th Street and are required to go north.

    Another is Uncle Ed's which is quite a lot further toward the east end than downtown or Old Strathcona. Its address is 14401 50th Street.

    The third would have been one of my first recommendations but I think it was the victim of an arson and I do not recollect if it has re-opened/rebuilt etc.

    It is the Pyrogy House which is at ... or at least was formerly at 12510-118 Avenue.

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      I don't think the Pyrogy House was re-opened. Taste of Ukraine is good with very large portions, but may be a bit pricier than you expect.

      Shumka is ok if all you're looking for are perogies, nalysnyky and cabbage rolls. There's an outlet in Kingsway Garden Mall that has been there for years, and a store/cafe in the north end at 16520 95 St that I haven't tried yet. You can buy frozen items to take home.

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        Thanks again for the recommendation. Taste of Ukraine was perfect -- all in our group of 8 loved it. The food was delicious and the service was terrific. It was totally new and unique experience for several in the group.

        The vernike (pierogies) were the real standout -- from the mini-mushroom appetizer to the potato cheese side to the meat-stuffed main with mushroom sauce to the best of all -- sour cherry dessert dumplings. The stuffed cabbage side was fine. The Chicken Kiev was very popular. The homemade pickles were great. The Cossack nachos were a great way to taste the delicious garlicky kuhlbasa (kielbasa). The .5 l bottled beer from Lviv was refreshing and tasty.

        The bill was $30-$45 per person including tax and tip -- we all left completely stuffed and would have been taking home leftovers if we lived here. Another reason to look forward to the next visit to Edmonton!

      2. Hi,
        I have photos and review of the Taste of Ukraine here:

        1. I've not been to, but I've heard that you can eat at the Ukrainian Heritage Cultural Village, east of Edmonton on Highway 16. It's a historical site about Ukrainians that settled in the area - and it has a food kiosk that serves perogies, etc. Not quite the same as a restaurant, though.

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          1. re: Libertycafe

            "Not quite the same as a restaurant, though"...true but a very good suggestion if someone like rlh is apparently interested in Ukrainian culture.

            I had an acquaintance who worked at the centre restoring period costumes and the like when it was first being developed and I am told that is quite interesting to understand the "pioneer" period when so many eastern Europeans came West.

            You will also drive right by Elk Island National Park which might be an interesting spot to visit when returning via Highway 16. Not many places apart from Yellowstone and the like where you can see that number of buffalo roaming free. Both plains and wood buffalo if I remember correctly.

            1. re: Bob Mac

              Thanks very much for the recommendations and specifics -- at a minimum, we'll be heading out for dinner to Taste of Ukraine (and posting the results here, of course!) -- and yes, I am interested in (married into, in fact) Ukrainian culture, particularly when it goes back more than a couple of generations, so I hope to find my way to the Cultural Village as well. The buffalo roaming option sounds very cool as well.

              Any other ideas will be greatly appreciated -- it's next week that I'll be there Mon-Fri (or maybe Sat as well).

          2. This may not be an option for you, but I 100% believe the best Ukrainian food in Edmonton comes from the guy that sells at the downtown and Callingwood markets, I believe it is Bogdans Ukrainian Food.

            1. if someone interested i could teach how to make original ukrainian varenyky .
              There is nothing better than home made ones.))))