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Jul 3, 2007 07:44 AM

First time in Austin.....from NYC.. [Moved from Texas board]

would welcome any suggestions on places I shouldn't miss to catch the local Austin flavor.....appreciate the help!

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  1. Where will you be staying and for how long?

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    1. re: Mike F

      Mike, staying at The Driskill and just for 2 or 3 days....Thanks for your help!

        1. re: cuda

          Great central location at the Driskill, and the piano bar on the mezzanine is a wonderful spot for a nightcap. You are walking distance to a REAL barbecue experience at the Iron Works on Red River. Get ready to sweat; it's part of the deal. You are closer still to Manuels at 310 Congress. "fancy" Mexican. If this is a weekend deal, the brunch at the Hyatt right across Town Lake is impressive. Or you could roll up your sleeves and do migas at Cisco's on E. 6th. The tough part is determining the 50 great places you can't quite get to on this trip.

      1. Thundercloud Subs for a quick sandwich.
        Austin Java Co. for breakfast.
        County Line BBQ (either location) for a great view and even greater food.
        The Oasis for sunset on the lake.
        Daily Juice for a smoothie after taking in Zilker Park.
        The intersection of 6th and Lamar where you can... grab a book at BookPeople, take a tour through the Whole Foods Headquarters, pick up some local Texas music at Waterloo and finish off with a couple scoops of Amy's Ice Cream.

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        1. re: curlykerry

          I don't normally go negative on the boards, and I apologize in advance for this, but I take umbrage with suggesting Thundercloud Subs, unless you're interested in subpar breads, toppings and meats. Thundercloud may have been passable in its heyday (though I think even that can be disputed), but it is barely even edible now–though it is indeed quick.

          For extensive recs, visit the links supplied in femmenikita's reply or search the Austin boards for "visiting."

          1. re: Twill

            "Umbrage"?!? LOL!
            The OP asked for "places I shouldn't miss to catch the local Austin flavor"
            Thundercloud is a unique Austin experience.
            I stand by my suggestion for a quick sandwich.

            1. re: Twill

              Twill, I agree with your assessment of Thundercloud Subs and would add that across the street (12th) from Thundercloud is a true Austin experience, House Park Barbecue. It's only open for weekday lunches but the barbecue is far superior to the County Line's, which is basically a tourist trap.

              1. re: Greg Spence

                I'm all for anyone else chiming in on destinations within a reasonable radius of any of the Thundercloud Subs in Austin. I'll start: two doors north of the TS on Lavaca is Hog Island Deli, a spot that should, by all rights, embarass Thundercloud into shuttering that particular location.

          2. Dona Emilias is pretty good from my memory (it's been a while). I'd steer clear of the 6th Street area unless you head west. We still tend to drive for better options such as Curras on Oltorf for interior Mexican or breakfast. I prefer Ruby's bbq as a more "Austin" style option or Artz Rib House for burgers! Yum! La Traviata downtown on Congress has been good in the past for us. Maybe Kyoto for Japanese if you want to stay downtown. South Congress has a lot of more recent options too but it is busy there!

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            1. re: organicfoodlover

              If you're going to eat Japanese in Austin, you must go to Uchi. A recignized and accomplished chef doing new and interesting things while still respecting Japanese cuisine. It would be my top "foodie" recommendation in the city. Get there early though. It's always packed.

              1. re: organicfoodlover

                Coming from NYC, cuda will recognize Kyoto for what it is, basically cat food grade sushi. Uchi is the place to go in Austin. Another Austin experience downtown with great food and atmosphere is Las Manitas, between second and third on Congress. They serve very good Mexican breakfasts and lunches and the place feels like old Austin.

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