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Jul 3, 2007 07:25 AM

is there good schnitzel in calgary?

haven't found any since san francisco at the wonderful suppenkuchen on hayes st.

anybody have any suggestions?

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  1. Pants, have you had the chicken schnitzel at the Ukrainian place at the farmers market? It's not veal or pork (and AFAIK they only have chicken) but I love it.

    1. You could try the Wiener Schnitzel House at 4703 Bowness Road NW. it's a small family-run, almost fast-food type place that serves schnitzel, home-made streusel, etc. I have very little frame of reference for schnitzel, but when i went, my schnitzel was thin, crispy, light and well seasoned.

      1. There's also Edelweiss Village at 1921 20 Avenue NW. They have a cafeteria style restaurant, deli/bakery counter, groceries and various other German imports.

        1. My suggestion for schnitzel is the Austrian Canadian Club at 3112 – 11 Street N.E. (Airways Industrial Park N.E.). Either the dining room or lounge will serve you a great crispy schnitzel served with roast potato and a mixed salad starter for about $15 (price last time I was there... a couple of months ago)

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            I absolutely agree with the Austrian Canadian Club recommendation. They have a much better restaurant than the German Canadian Club. If you feel like driving, and you could head to the Bavarian Inn in Bragg Creek - great food and scenery.

            Anyone had schnitzel at the New Berliner? I've had other fantastic food there, but never schnitzel.

              1. re: yen

                Yes, definitely. In fact, that's when we usually go. If you're looking for a place for lunch on a weekday in that area of town, and you don't want the standard fare and overcrowding of the Barlow Trail chains, that's a great choice. It's usually very quiet and relaxing. Have the goulash if you like that kind of thing. Also the kassler ham chop with spaetzle is great, but it may just be a special, and not on the regular menu.

                1. re: feuerzeug

                  Kaessler Rippchen..... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

                  1. re: John Manzo

                    Every Christmas, that's what we have for dinner on the eve... Love it.

                    1. re: feuerzeug

                      You've just made my week. Thank you!

            1. I love schnitzel, there's not too many convenient located right now since the Kensington Berliner closed.

              Jonas on 6th Ave SW (the main floor of Place Concorde) has great schnizel, cheap too but very early closing times, I think it's pork but not sure. It's a Hungarian place, but comes with lemon slices and potato salad the way it should IMHO.

              I like the veal milanese at Buon Giorno's, on 17th and 8th SW - they're always reliably open. It's pretty close to the classic Weiner Schnitzel I used to have at the William Tell in Montreal many years ago but not hammered quite so thin. No potato salad though.

              ACC has great schnitzel (I've only had it at fundraising banquets there) but too far away... Haven't tried New Berliner for the same reason, maybe I should.

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                I always forget Jonas; they have great food as well. But I do like my schnitzel with pan-fried potatoes...