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Best Thai in south florida?

Wanted the truest most authentic Thai place in south florida (from ft lauderdale to miami area) that has good seafood too :)

Heard about oishi thai and thai bayshore (i think?)...thanks!!

Cory :)

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  1. Bangkok Palace in Lauderhill on 441 (state rd 7) in the same center as Silver Pond..see my post of 5/27..lovely people and the food is wonderful..be sure to have the thai egg salad..on the spicy side..it's not our kind of egg salad it's Thai and it's terrific.

    1. Try a place called Thai on the Beach, it is located where Sunrise meets A1A on top of a pizza place. The best dishes are freshly prepared seafoods with emphasis on local product. My favs are the whole fried snapper or the seafood pad thai. Excellent quality food. Another interesting place is The Four Rivers Contemporary Thai Kitchen, very well prepared dishes with lots of seafood choices and incredible deserts it is located on US1 north of Sunrise (same plaza as Croissant Time). In North Miami Beach Siam River is quite good and is on 163rd Street east of Biscayne Blvd.

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        I'm a very big fan of Moon, there are locations in Coral Springs, West, and Coral Gables (the one I regularly go to). They also have good Japanese food, price is right, service has always been good. moonthai.com

      2. Some of the best Thai food that I have ever eaten came from Sea Siam...

        Sea Siam
        12735 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33156

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          I'll also second the recommendation for Sea Siam, completely forgot about that, grew up right around the corner from this place and regularly ate there with the family.

        2. If you come by Naples on the south west side of Florida, try Thai Basil. Great panang curry with a fresh whole snapper or they will also do it with chicken or beef. The pad thai is just o.k, a little too sweet for me.

          1. The best Pad Thai I ever ate (and a soft-shell crab entree) was in Wilton Manor. I don't remember the name but in the 2000 block of Wilton Manor Drive (zip 33305). My husband travels and had a kitchen dealership across the street. Hubby loves the curry. Once a man came in for a 'to-go' order for four hours away drive; said his wife would kill if he didn't bring home noodles. So good - seems to be a family-run place.

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              I have several favorites. Lotus Siam in South Miami is fantastic. The owners of Lotus Siam also owns Sea Siam farther south (Pinecrest?) on US 1.

              Another Thai restaurant I love is Royal Thai near FIU University Park campus (on the second floor of the strip mall on Fontainebleu and 107 Ave).

              I also heard that Tamarind Thai on 79th St is excellent and has been referred to as the best in Miami.

              And also The Lunch Room in Little Haiti / Wynwood area was also recommended for having excellent Thai.

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                We've tried Tamarind a few times and I've never been that impressed. Had very high hopes b/c the chef came from London and is supposed to have a great reputation, but we've generally found it somewhat bland. Though Tamarind is closer to us, we more often go down the street to Siam Bayshore (now called Sushi Siam I believe).

                Siam Bay Shore Gourmet Thai Food Restaurant
                1524 NW 79th St, Miami, FL 33147

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                  Our go-to Thai is also Fro's choice - Sushi/Siam on the 79th Street Causeway. A Good to Very Good Thai and Sushi spot that's a favorite for spicy chicken take-home after work dinners... For going out Thai, we love Panya Thai (in the 163rd/167th Asian Corridor. Think: Ham & Eggery/Krispy Kreme turf) 520 NE 167th St, North Miami Beach; 305-945-8566.

                  We do not get there as often as we like and folks in NMB prefer Siam River closer to Biscayne @ 3455 NE 163rd St. IMHO Panya is far better... Beware that HOT means HOT, so order carefully!


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                    I have to disagree with AG on the Panya Thai recommendation. I went there last night: the Tom Ka Kai was good but it went downhill from there. The crispy duck was tough and seemed refried. The pad thai was too bitter and not sweet enough. The people are very nice and the plates are decorated well but the food is not quite there.

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                    Frod, what did you ordered at Siam Bayshore? I don't think Siam Bayshore is Authentic enough. My favorite used to be Thai Bayshore (no relation to Siam Bayshore) in Ft. Laud. But I believed they have changed their chef or had multiple off nights. I was disappointed and have not gone back there. But, I had catered food from Siam Lotus (during Asian Festival @ Fruit & Spice Park). It's very authentic, it seems like their specialty is Issan (food from Northeast Thailand) food (papaya salad, grilled fermented pork sausage). Unfortunetely, I have yet to find a new favorite Thai place. I heard through a grapevine that Sushi Toi (on US1 btw. Oakland Park Blvd. & Commercial Blvd.) has good authentic Thai

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                      Typically get papaya salad, yam woon sen, spicy beef salad, panang curry, chicken w/ chili and basil; my kids love the "Siam Bayshore fried rice" w/ chicken, shrimp, veggies cashew & pineapple. I'm in no position to judge its authenticity but I find it to be pretty consistently good.

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                      I too had high hopes for Tamarind. The staff is very friendly and the chef was graciously accommodating, but the food was not what we had hoped for it to be. I've had Thai food in Thailand and have also been to great Thai restaurants around the country. I wanted to like Tamarind, but the food just wasn't very good. Some of the ingredients were off and the flavor just wasn't there.

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                      I've finally had Thai in the Lunch Room in Miami. Here's my review on it:

                      The Lunch Room. Yes... The Lunch Room. I swear... and no, it's not another horror movie in the making!

                      I kept hearing about how good this place is, but not often enough. And the reason is quite apparent... this place only serves what? Yes, you guessed it - lunch (disclaimer: this is not to say that they don't serve breakfast).

                      What's another reason for this place not getting more publicity it deserves? How about it being in the northern fringe of the run-down barrio of Little Haiti? Enough said. It might even be enough to drive away the well-heeled. But I assure you, Little Haiti definitely have some foodie gems (look at my other review of the only completely Vegan restaurant in Miami-Dade - Garden of Eatin').

                      Regardless of its lack of publicity, The Lunch Room has become one of my favorite restaurants in Upper Eastside. A pleasant and efficient lady hailing from the northern Thailand owns the restaurant and also cooks in the kitchen with another skilled chef that focuses on the Japanese side of the cuisine. Table service was good, thanks to her.

                      I had the Thai Chili Grouper ($10.99), which I admit was a bit too spicy for my taste... but the flavor jumped out and it was well made - so I still enjoyed it! The portion was big enough to make me full even before completing my meal. The presentation was also nice and the meal came with miso soup that was neither salty nor too plain. And a plus in my book, the food did not come with so much rice - which is a God-blessing!

                      Yes, it's true, I'm advocating less rice in rice-overloaded Miami! And you definitely don't need it to get full.

                      And I was lucky to also see other dishes come by my table - the huge bento boxes for lunch looked delicious and I'm tempted to try that next time. The rolls are supposedly well known here, but I have yet to see them or try them out.

                      And also, scouring over the menu, the breakfast seems to be a decent deal. Where else are you going to find an omelet with chicken and crab? Or get prosciutto and melon for breakfast? I'll admit, the breakfast may not be so Japanese or Thai, but it sounds good to me and it's not that common to find in Miami at reasonable prices this place is offering. Breakfast is served from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

                      All in all, this modern restaurant with a pleasant cafe feel (there's a patio outside and a nice bar inside) and reasonable prices (most entrees were priced between $5.99 and $10.99) will be seeing more of me whenever I'm in the mood for Japanese or Thai in this part of Miami!

                      Lunch Room
                      7957 Ne 2nd Ave, Miami, FL

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                        Sea of Siam is terrible. They cut the vegetables in strange combinations and use very poor quality rice. A great place to go if you want to dump someone.

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                        I know there are a couple Thai restaurants in Wilton Manors but beware there is one place is that is horrible. Its kind of darker, shabbier than the other ones and looks like a tiki hut.

                        1. A few to try

                          Eddie Hills Sushi & Thai in Hallandale

                          Tasty Thai in Wilton Manors

                          Sukothai in Sunrise, near Gateway theatre (don't miss the chicken in Hot Sweet Red Chili Sauce

                          Siam River in Sunny Isles

                          Emerald Thai in Plantation

                          Have fun trying one or all!

                          Eddie Hill's Restaurant
                          134 N Federal Hwy, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

                          Tasty Thai Cuisine
                          2254 Wilton Dr, Wilton Manors, FL 33305

                          Sukothai Restaurant
                          1930 E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

                          Siam River Thai & Sushi Bar
                          3455 NE 163rd St, North Miami Beach, FL 33160

                          Emerald Thai Restaurant
                          8500 W State Road 84, Davie, FL 33324

                          1. There are a few Thai restaurants that I have been to that make the cut...

                            1. Siam Lotus Room on US 1 is decent as is Thani Thai further down US toward the Falls
                            2. My best bet that reminds me of Thai in NYC is Thai House on Washington Avenue. I was introduced to it by a law school friend who is from NYC and I got there anytime I want a Thai fix. The Thai chicken curry is awesome and they have good lunch specials. I promise it is worth the beach agrivation.

                            1. More on authentic Thai food checkout Austin Bush's blog from SE Asia.


                              1. Siam Lotus Room & Eddie Hills Sushi & Thai in Hallandale are my favorite.

                                1. Sukothai and Bangkok Palace have been mentioned, and I'll second them (Bangkok has apparently changed ownership, it was quite bad a year ago...) Moving out west a bit, Thai Thai at Pine Island & Sunrise is great (they make a nice green curry,) and Supunnahong in Pembroke Pines is worth a visit.

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                                    i have never had thai food before. thinking of going to thai thai for lunch soon. can you suggest a few dishes. i prefer spicy..no beef or pork.

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                                      If you like spicy, make sure to tell them so when you order - asking for it "thai spicy" usually does the trick. No pork or beef is not an issue at all, as most preparations are done with the protein of your choosing.

                                      For appetizers (and I'm generally focusing on the spicy stuff), typical items include:
                                      - papaya salad (som thum), made with shredded unripe green papayas, tomato, fresh chilies, and peanuts, dresssed in a sauce of fish sauce & lime. It may sound odd - just trust me and try it, if you like spicy food you'll love it.
                                      - jumping shrimp (or squid) - not sure if this naming is just a local custom or a genuine Thai thing, shrimp flavored w/ chili paste, lemon grass, and lime juice, usually served over a bed of lettuce
                                      - laap gai (not seen everywhere) - finely diced chicken (like ground chicken) cooked w/ chili, lime and basil leaves, served over lettuce. This is somewhat similar to another item done with pork called nam sod.
                                      - tom yum soup - you may see tom yum gai (chicken) or tom yum goong (shrimp) fairly clear broth that is spicy and sour, flavored w/ lemongrass and chili, with chicken/shrimp and mushrooms. Hot and sour, but much lighter than a Chinese hot and sour soup.
                                      - tom kar gai - similar type of soup, but made creamy with the addition of coconut milk and another layer of flavor with the addition of galanga (like a ginger).

                                      For mains:
                                      - curries (with protein of your choice) - you will typically see red, green, panang, and sometimes massaman curries, each with different flavors to them, and usually different veg. Red will usually get red and green bell pepper and bamboo shoots; green usually w/ eggplant, bell pepper and basil leaves (to my taste, the best w/ seafood); panang is usually a thicker style, w/ bell pepper and basil; massaman is somewhat heavier, often accompanied w/ potatoes, sweet potatoes, and peanuts (and usually done with beef or chicken).
                                      - [protein] w/ spicy basil leaves - sauce of chili paste and thai basil, which is much more pungent and spicy than european basil
                                      - [protein] w/ chili sauce - just like it sounds, often w/ bamboo shoots together with the sauce.
                                      - [protein] w/ chili and string beans - slightly less common but one of my favorites, done w/ chili sauce, string beans and flavored w/ shredded kaffir lime leaves.

                                      Aside from spicy, Thai food is also known for its noodle dishes, of which the most common is "pad thai", usually using a fettucine-sized rice noodle w/ scrambled egg, bean sprouts, scallions, ground peanuts. If just listed as a "pad thai", typically will come with shrimp and ground pork in my experience locally - but most restaurants will list a "pad thai w/ shrimp", "pad thai w/ chicken", etc. if you don't want pork.

                                      I also like Thai fried rice dises, which are to my taste typically both lighter and more flavorful than Chinese fried rice.

                                      1. re: Frodnesor

                                        Bravo, you know the cuisine! One correction, though. Laap gai, also spelled larb gai, can be made with pork instead of chicken. The name for this is larb moo. It's a northern ground meat dish, and the two words are different: gai is chicken and (irony alert!) pork is moo in Thai.

                                  2. Anyone try the new higher-end Thai place in Ft Lauderdale yet, Four Rivers? Great reviews in the press.

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                                      Moon is friendly and aesthetic. Sea Siam in Pinecrest is tasty. I could never eat at Oishi Thai because of the spelling!

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                                        I went last month to the Four Rivers and the food was really impressive. I had the foie gras app and a monk fish dish that were both outstanding. We finished with a banana spring roll that was nicely crisp and served with PHENOMENAL house made cinnamon ice cream. I will try to go back soon, finally somewhere exiciting to eat on US1 in Fort Lauderdale.

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                                          Yep, I went there a few days ago. The room is beautiful, the service is great, and the food was excellent, except for a chicken dish which was rather uninspired and should have been better considering it was part of the tasting menu. There is no pad thai on the menu, a conscious decision I'm sure, as this restaurant favors reinventing dishes that are non-tradfitional. It was worthwhile and I'll return.

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                                            Are you talking about The Lunch Room in Miami's northern end of Little Haiti? I second the reviews - it's a good Thai and Japanese restaurant and only open for breakfast and lunch... I can't wait for them to be open for dinner! I enjoyed it very much and the food seemed inventive and trendy. Definitely a great find, especially for the price!

                                        2. I have to say Panya Thai in NMB has the most authentic and better Thai place I've been, the only thing is the main cook is better than the mom's. I was a regular there, until I moved out to the midwest.When the son is out of town or out shopping, the mom doesn't seem too cook as well as Panya does.

                                          1. Has anyone been to Rock A Bangkok in Kendall?

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                                              I've been there and it's as good as most Thai places. It's hard for me to get enthusiastic about any of the places because they are all so, for lack of better linguistic choices, typical. I mean really, one curry uses the red paste, the next gree, and the next yellow. One adds three squirts of fish sauce, one two tablespoons of sugar, and the next a whole squeezed lime. It's more chemistry than cooking. I can make most of this myself at home. More refined Thai food is so prep intensive that mom and pop places never do it!

                                            2. One of my wife and my favorite local Thai restaurants is Jasmine, located at the intersection of State Road 7 and Coconut Creek Parkway in Margate.

                                              I particularly like their masaman curry and nam sod, among other dishes.

                                              1. Best place for Thai is Lemongrass on Federal in Fort Lauderdale, just north of Oakland Park. Blows Galanga away.

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                                                  I was recently pleasantly surprised with 84 Thai on SR84 in Plaza with Winn Dixie- not sure of exact location.

                                                2. Tani Thai on US1 and 125 Street, in Pinecrest, is amazing. Everything is great, but the standouts are the spring rolls, nam sod (pork salad), basil duck, pad thai, special fried rice, and thai donuts.

                                                  1. How is the thai at Oishi in North Miami? I've had their sushi before which was very good and was there recently and tried a few of their nobuesque Japanese specialties which were great. (black cod miso may have been better than Nobu) But I have not had their thai, am I missing out?

                                                    On a neophyte thai side note, is there a proper or should I say a preferred way to pair proteins with curry dishes or is it a personal palate thing?

                                                    1. try Thai Spice on commercial blvd in ft lauderdale - extremely fresh fish in an inviting, comfortable setting. Owners Michael and Lisa are always there, overseeing the front and back of the house. Kitchen staff have apparantly been there for years, providing flavorful, consistent, legitimate Thai cuisine. They're open for lunch and dinner and have recently put beautiful steaks on the menu with a special Thai marinade from family recipe - one of our favorites!

                                                      1. Just wanted to revive this since I love Thai food. Any new developments? After a few dissapointing years, Siam Palace is cooking quite well again. Other than that, I usually stick to Tani and Sea Siam.

                                                        1. Followed one of the Chowhound's links yesterday to find a good restaurant near FIU South campus, and went to Siam Bistro (http://siambistromiami.com/) which has been under-reported here.
                                                          Yeh, it's a little hole-in-the-wall, located in a somewhat cheesy shopping center (Taco Bell and CiCi's) but the food was expertly prepared, authentic, and delicious. They knew how to use their spices, so don't order extra hot unless you know what you're doing.
                                                          All Thai restaurants should be graded on their Mee Grob. If they don't even offer it, then points off. Siam Bistro presented a delicious one for under $8. A nice big bowl of Tom Yum Soup was perfect for under $5. We ordered Pad Thai and various curries around our table. All perfectly seasoned and presented, food came out hot, and service was sweet and personalized. One of the curry dishes incorporated cold mango, so yes, the curried portion was hot, and the fruit was chilled, on the same plate.
                                                          The decor of the restaurant isn't special but not offensive in any way, very homey, in fact. Everyone from the kitchen came out to thank us for being there. By the end of the meal, we all felt like we just had dinner in someone's home, with a really good cook in the kitchen.
                                                          We're going back to Siam Bistro, and next time we'll take a look at their wine list.

                                                          1. After 6 years, let me officially rescind my Siam Bayshore recommendation and instead substitute Panya in North Miami Beach, which is leagues better than any other place I've tried in South Florida, and with a somewhat broader and more interesting menu.

                                                            I also hear good things about Ricky Thai in North Miami but haven't tried it yet.

                                                            Khong River House, recently opened on South Beach, is interesting in that it focuses on Northern Thai food. We had a special event dinner there that was excellent; one visit for a regular dinner was a bit inconsistent on execution but I like what they're trying to do.

                                                            1. 26 years here in south florida searching for the best thai i found was lanna thai in jupiter on us1 hnads down the best pad thai and volcano chicken ever,very good

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                                                                I'll have to one up you phil. Malakor Thai in Northwood Village (WPB) has an awesome Volcano shrimp. I heard about this place and had to try it out. I love Talay Thai but Malakor is different and much more casual. The basil summer rolls are very good too.


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                                                                  My fave is Wattana Thai at Dixie and Forest Hill. My wife's name for it is "Iwanna Thai". There's another one over at Summitt and Forest Hill that's pretty dang good, but I can't remember the name of it.

                                                              2. freaker, malakai just opened in royal palm beach near me, it took over a1 thai's royal plm bch location, gonna try them all eventually

                                                                1. The Asian Culture Festival at Fruit and Spice Park this weekend would probably be a good bet. I had great Thai food there last year.


                                                                  1. I don't know how this thread suddenly came back to life, but I'm relieved to see I already rescinded my recommendation of Siam Bayshore from several years ago and substituted Panya. I've now tried Ricky Thai Bistro a few times as well, and while I prefer Panya, Ricky Thai is very good too.

                                                                    Tamarind Thai, which had been my standby just because of geographical proximity, appears to have recently changed hands and my last take-out order from there was a hot mess, apparently made by people who have no clue what Thai food is, even compared to the incredibly low bar set by most garden variety local Thai places.

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                                                                      Miami Thai food: Incredibly low bar.

                                                                      1. re: taiga

                                                                        Just got take-out from Thai House 2 on 163rd St. I would give it a C-.
                                                                        Low bar, confirmed.

                                                                        1. re: jangita

                                                                          There's no reason to go to Thai House 2 when you can go to Panya, just a bit west on 163rd St., or Ricky Thai Bistro, a couple miles south on 125th St. I think both are genuinely good - not just by Miami standards.