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Jul 3, 2007 07:20 AM

Can you still get stone crabs and best crabhouse?

Can you still try stone crabs and how do they compare to blue crabs? From DC/MD area so we've had blue crabs a few times...not sure how stone crabs are different but heard they are the specialty of the South Florida area...

Which crabhouses would you recommend for this? Considering Rustin Inn Crabhouse or Joes Stone Crabs...

Any ideas on cost too?

Usually about 25 USD or so for half a dozen blue crabs in Maryland area I think...



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  1. You're going to be doing a lot of eating when you come down here, aren't you? :D

    Stone crabs are in season from Oct. 15 - May 15, so they're not in season now. They are expensive everywhere, sadly.

    I haven't been to rustic inn in many years, but I hear it's still good for garlic crabs. We used to go all the time when I lived closer to that area. It's noisy, so be prepared for a very casual noisy fun place.

    1. Joe's Stone Crab still open during the off season, however if they have stone crab it was frozen from earlier in the season. You might want to call the restaurant ahead. Since stone crab is out of season you might want to try golden crab instead.

      Went to Rustic Inn about a month ago. I think the food is mediocre. The garlic crabs is OK. I think it's overpriced for what you get for the money.

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        Beware frozen stone crabs. They are vile and watery. In fact, we had Joe's on the last day of stone crab season and they were all frozen. Nasty!

      2. Trulucks in Naples has them.

        1. Not until Oct. 15. And previously frozen is not necessarily a bad thing; there are a lot of variables with fresh or frozen. A reputable purveyor or restaurant is your best chance. Quick rule of thumb:stone crab appetizer, $25, entree, $50. If ever you have a chance to order jumbo's, go for it at any price. They are a thing of beauty, but most are exported to the Saudi peninsula. Very hard to find.
          50 days and counting 'til the season opens!