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Jul 3, 2007 07:20 AM

Robert is Here fruit stand, where is it from our hotel in South Beach to the Everglades?

We'll be in South Beach the week of 7/9 and plan to visit the Everglades one of those days. We've heard so much about Robert is Here fruit stand and would like to stop there on the way to the Everglades. However, I'm not sure exactly where it is. The address says that it is in Homestead. Will that be on the way to the Everglades? Would appreciate directions and comments about RIH. Thanks, AmyR

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    1. Robert is Here is quite a bit South from where you'll undoubtedly go to see the Everglades. Most go out Calle Ocho aka SW 8th St aka Tamiami Trail aka State Road 41 to see the famed swamp. Robert's in in the SW 300's somewhere. What you can do is, on your way back in from the Everglades, take Krome Ave aka State Road 27 South to Robert's. Or head to Robert's first on the FLA Turnpike, then come North on Krome Ave and head West on SR 41 aka et al above. Love them fruit shakes! But it's a long way to travel for a fruit stand!

      1. There are 2 other spots you might want to consider (if you don't want to drive 60 miles for a Robert's shake, which truth be told is too thick and lacks "fruitiness")...

        The BEST Strawberry Shake you can get in Florida is found here:
        WAYSIDE MARKET "Famous Strawberry Shakes ~ Since 1948"
        10070 SW 57th Ave
        Miami, FL 33156 (Pinecrest)
        Right nearby is Fairchild Tropical Gardens, which is worth a stroll if it isn't too hot out. There is a Mango Festival at Fairchild on July 14-15 if you are interested!

        The other spot is right on south beach! And it is a locals' favorite. LE SANDWICHERIE, it is a little french counter at which you can pick up a prosciutto and fresh mozzarella baguette. And of course a great shake - my favorite is the "rainforest" with lots of berries. It is open late, so a great bite after a night out. Or just a good lunch. And it is the only place open during hurricanes. 14th Street between Washington Ave & Collins Ave.

        1.'s worth the drive. We were there by 'accident' as we were driving into the other entrance to the Everglades (campground on the SE end) and boy, what a treat. I still email them every year to order sauces.... WOW.

          (We're from Canada)