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Jul 3, 2007 06:16 AM


My wife and I had a great dinner here last week. The place was very busy, fairly noisy but that seems to be the mode recently in new restaurants. We had some appetizers that were good, mostly antipasta etc but not remarkable. Then on to the pasta course......WOW....I had the orriechiete with lamb sausage and dandelion greens and it may have been the best pasta dish I have ever had and I like pasta!! My wife had a fresh home made ravioli with a orange butter chile sauce which was very good too.
For our entree we split the NY strip which is different then the norm, seasoned with rosemary and olive oil and cooked perfectly medium rare. They have an all Italian wine list and either the waiter, ours was Chris and he was great, or the owner who works the room can help you with your selection.
All in all one of the better meals I have had in a while! No reservations and no real bar to sit so come early or put your name in and take a walk in the aera.

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  1. I ate here 3 weeks ago with my girlfriend and had a wonderful experince. I was under dressed for dinner so just went in and asked for a menu to look at and they assured me that it wasn't a problem at all. We had all antipasta, salumi, an asparagus flan that was truly amazing. She had the lamb with orchiette and I had one of the best pasta's ever, teh bucatinni with pea shoots and chili. A bottle of wine and a desert to share this was a close to perfect meal. For teh price point I would say this is our new favirote meal in Chicago. The chef even took the time to come and say hello while checking to make sure everyone was happy with their meal. Good luck to others and to Antiprima!

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      I live in the neighborhood and have been watching Antiprima since before it opened. I have been waiting for the lines to get shorter, but based on your reviews, I think I'll get in line and give it a try. Thanks.