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Jul 3, 2007 05:56 AM

Gaia Review, Greenwich CT

Went there over the weekend as I continue my exploration of the Greenwich restaurant scene...have to say I was somewhat pleasantly surprised. Beautiful dining room...apparently the same renowned architect responsible for the oyster bar in Grand Central...I thought the mezzanine level was almost tranquil with a wonderful ceiling...lovely.

Onto the food...started with a crab succotash and my husband had grilled calamari...both well prepared with lots of flavor...the dressing on the calamari was very interesting...citrus with some fennel...great combination. For the mains I had the short ribs done in their "sous vide" style i.e. cooked in a jar over 8 hours or so marinading in a red wine reduction I think...waiter took great pride in explaining this process to me, seems it is their signature "thing"...mmm...they were tender...accomanied by a parsnip puree...awesome. Hubby had the filet mingon with a huge side order of fries. He seemed to enjoy was a big helping and was gone in minutes...:) So quick I didn't get to taste it but he assured me the meat was very tender...I think they source it from somewhere in Arizona. For dessert we made the effort...only just as both of us were stuffed by this point...but glad we did...I got the chocolate cake and he got the cheesecake which was again made and presented in a jar...quite cool...and I would say had the edge over my chocolate...but only just...great way to end the dinner.

We split a half-bottle of phelps cab sav with the mains and hubby had a dessert riesling with his cheesecake...good choices. Service was attentive and unobtrusive...we were in a quiet corner of the room next to the window so had a great view over greenwich avenue below...great setting. Price wise...apps in the 12 - 14 range and mains 28-34. Can't remember dessert but all in good value. Definitely recommend this place and look forward to going back!


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  1. thanks for the review. i have always thought Gaia has been underrated by fellow chowhounders. I recommend the duck breast when you make it back...also the appetizer mac and cheese is really good.

    1. I agree with Alex318 - Gaia tends to get overlooked but I adore it there. I know the cooking in a jar thing sounds like a schtick but the food says otherwise. if you liked Gaia - try Nessa in Port Chester- while not similar in food types - the style and the quality is similar.

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        I agree...everytime I've been to Gaia it has been very good. The short ribs are delish...ditto the cheesecake...hmmm...