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Lobster Pound rec near Camden/Bar Harbor?

So the Lincolnville lobster pound got dissed a bit below. Where's a good place for two first-time Maine visitors to go for a lobster pound experience? We eat a lot of seafood and have good reservations lined up for whole vacation. If we wanted to take a night off from fine dining where should we do it?


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  1. Young's just outside of Belfast. 1/2 hour from Camden.

    1. Waterman's in S Thomanston and our personal favorite, Tidal Falls Lobster Pound in Hancock, BYOB and profits go to the Frenchman's Bay Conservancy to purchase private land and open it to the public. Beautiful site too. Sounds like a no brainer to me.

      1. This might be too far a drive (30 to 45 mins from Ellsworth) but one of my favorites is Eaton's Lobster Pound on Little Deer Isle. There's a deck over the water in the back, the lobster's very good, and the view is great.

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          I heard that Eaton's closed. That is a great loss. I have been going there for 30 years.

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            How true. For sale for big bucks. More evidence of the Massification of the Maine coast.

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              What's that then, one level below NuYawkification?

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                Horrible news about Eaton's! I'm glad I found out before driving all the way down there. By the way, I think there's some confusion (on the part of the oringal poster) regarding the Lincolnville Lobster Pound. The sit-down restaurant should be avoided, in my opinion. The place next door (run by the same people, I assume) with the picnic tables has always seemed perfectly fine. Probably has a slightly different name but I don't know what it is.

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                  Sorry, it is an established phrase. Remember Cape Cod in the mid-sixties? And now? Read The Lobster Coast. It could be worse, however. How about New Joisseyification?
                  Married to a Framinghammer.
                  Markie the Greenie

          2. And I woudn't rule out Lincolnville Lobster! I've always had good experiences there.

            1. Thurston's Lobster Pound in, I believe West Tremont. On the opposite side of the Island from Bar Harbor. It's pefect.

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                We used to love it when we lived in SWH, but we feel it has been ruined by its own success. There is a short scene in the movie Cider House Rules fiilmed at the dock.

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                  I've also heard bad things recently about Thurston's, which is in Bernhard between Tremont and Bass Harbor.

                  Beals in Southwest Harbor is touristy, view is so-so due to the buildings close by, but the lobsters are excellent, a bit on the pricey side.

              2. Right near Bar Harbor is the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound. I went there based on the recommendations of more than one local, and it was amazing. Simply put, it was the best lobster I've ever had. It is located on the mainland side of the Trenton Bridge that connects the mainland to Mt. Desert Island.

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                  I'm sorry, but I must disagree, I drive by the TBLP twice a day, we live 5 mi. from it and my wife teaches in Trenton. Locally it is known as a tourist trap. Did you notice the number of out-of-state license plate? It is a local traffic hazard. Why pay premium price with no atmosphere(eating along a busy highway?)? It is a local joke. For value, try Ruth & Wimpies and local culture, for atmosphere and quality, try Tidal Falls Lobster Pound (BYOB) , owned by the nonprofit Frenchman's Bay Conservancy.

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                    I'm sorry, but I must disagree. My DH and I ate there 2 weeks ago, and were struck by the vast majority of Maine license plates and the many, many obvious Maine accents we heard inside -- nearly everyone sounded local. Must agree with vonmoishe -- best lobster I've ever eaten. Thurston's in Bernard is pretty tasty, too.

                2. OK, I'm going to wade in and make my usual comment re. steamed lobster. Lobster is great everywhere in Maine. Lobsters are caught wild and prepared in the same manner on every lobster dock in Maine, James Beard award or not. They are all cooked in sea water because it tastes better and most of these places don't have running fresh water anyway. They are all staffed by teenagers home for the summer. I had the best lobster of my life at Round Pond Lobster but it could have happened anywhere. SO pick a place with a beautiful location and hopefully you will have the best lobster of your life. I guarantee it won't be bad.

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                    Amen! And may I add the further from a tourist destination the cheaper and less crowded.

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                      Trenton bridge is definitely NOT staffed by teenagers. Lobstermen and their wives, from the look of it.

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                        Sorry Deary, I've known the Pettigrows(Part owners) for almost 20 years. Their son Warren, used to beat up my son David. They grew up together in SWH. They do serve good food, but they are good local businessmen, not lobstermen. It is the price and location that I object to. It is known locally as a tourist joint and after my last response, I do look at the license plates daily; overwhelmingly "from away". As for accents, there are Mainers from inland areas that haver seen the ocean.
                        We first ate there in 1969, we just prefer less expensive, less crowed places w/ a better view.
                        I have worked summers as a sternman on a lobster boat and 2 of my good friends are lobsterman in SWH and Tremont. I'll wave at the TBLP as I drive by tomorrow for you. I was only tring to be helpful and give the insight of a local.

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                          Lobstering is a full time job and most seasons it pays pretty damn well, far better than restaurant wages. They are out hauling traps every day weather permits Spring, Summer, Fall and as far into the winter as they can stand. You may see them working in Florida in the off season - but they won't be steaming Maine lobsters.

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                          You're not alone on this pet peeve, crawfish,
                          As you stated, paraphrasing of course, it's not rocket science, it's not black magic, and it certainly doesn't take the sous chef at the French Laundry to prepare. You can take any willing high school student and teach them all the ins and outs of lobster preparation in half a shift, at most. Where you were & who you were with, both mentally and physically, probably have as much to do with "best lobstah" experiences as anything they're not doing wrong in the kitchen.


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                            Of course Harp' I agree, and I don't even like lobster. I'm a clams, scallops and fish kind a girl, but the principle is the same. A bad clam is a bad clam you steam in hot water and you eat. Most of the time they're good and that's what counts. A nice evening enjoying friends and the cool sea air is what's important in life because they'll be another lobstah tomorrow.

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                              Exactly Dear Girl, now is it batter, crumbs or either on your bi-valves?

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                              Yes I agree, but do you mean the prisoners at the Maine State Penn. a hundred years ago. were not enjoying their thrice weekly dose of lobster because of who was sitting next to them?
                              This thread is getting a bit bizarre Poonie

                          2. I always advocate 3Tides in Belfast. Its the hometown bar of choice and they have great lobsters, clams, and mussels. Sit out on the deck overlooking Belfast inner harbor and Belfast Bridge. Its a beautiful place with friendly servers who are often laughing out loud at the goings on at the bar. The owners are good friends, a disclaimer for you.

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                              Belfast is a hidden treasure, until the condos are built, often bypassed by tourists.
                              Ever Listen to WERU? I do shows.

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                                I'm going to Bar Harbor for the first time this weekend with not very much time to spare, are there any places IN Bar Harbor that are in or walkable from the downtown area? I'd like to have a hot shower after a long hike and take a nice walk downtown with my sweetie.

                                How about the least worst, tourist-trap-wise (with apologies for being one of the throng)? I agree with Harpoon and Crawfish but I also get depressed when I end up at a trap on a rare, short vacation. Thanks in advance.

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                                  Yes, if stuck in town and want tasty crustacean try the Fish House Grill right down by the public landing near Main and West Sts. The Thirsty Whale is a local pub-like bar with good pub fare and the Lompoc on Rodick has all the local brews on tap. Enjoy

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                                  Unfortunately, along with the condos will be the Walmart they are planning on route 3.
                                  I have a friend who has an ERU show on Sunday mornings, she LOVES 3Tides too :-)