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Jul 3, 2007 05:33 AM


Anyone been to Salpicon lately? I have not been in quite a while but will be in town and wanted to eat there if it is still good. Thanks!


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  1. I used to live down there and loved it back in the day. Went about a month ago and sat at the bar for dinner with a friend. Bartender was surly. We ordered a couple of drinks and then entrees. And then we waited. And waited...and waited...and waited...for my grilled lamb chops and when our entrees finally arrived they were luke warm. My lamb chops, instead of rare like I requested, were well-done. I am not exaggerating. No red, not even any pink. Might have been an off night, but I am sad to say I probably won't go back, because I really used to love that place.

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      I used to love Salpicon, then went through a phase where I was not too impressed, but the last visit was really very good.

      I was there a couple weeks ago and had those same chops - but cooked to a perfect medium rare. The only downside was that the portions were a little small, but the food itself was wonderful. I would say mattyb should have sent them back, but after that wait you probably didn't want to deal with it.

      I was also a big fan of the fried cheese appetizer. Thin slices of fresh cheese, lightly fried, with delicious red and green chile sauces.

      They also had an excellent, VERY spicy green Habenero sauce that they served on the side when we asked for it. In case you like your Mexican food with a little more heat.

      All was paired with a tequila flight. The waitress, who was very helpful and informed, helped pick out the tequilas.

      FYI, they are also expanding into the second floor.

      1. re: wak

        Exactly. Sending them back at that point would have been pointless, as I was starving and (thanks to the long wait for the food) bumping up against the time I needed to leave for a meeting. Regardless, the difference between rare and well-done chops is a huge one that is more than apparent even to the untrained eye. Sorry, for $24 that plate should never have left the kitchen. Like I said, I won't be back but it sounds like wak had a good meal there. May want to give it a shot.

        1. re: mattyb

          I had a similar experience a few years back. Service was shoddy (and the owner is just plain rude) and both of our dishes (pork chop and filet, IIRC) were overcooked and dried out. The tequila was great, though.