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Jul 3, 2007 05:28 AM

UES Burger

with the wave of burger places opening up around the city, has the upper east side been left entirely untouched? i am supposed to meet a friend for dinner tonight, we were originally going to go to brgr but for various reasons need to stay on the ues. is there any place worth trying? not jackson hole, please, but something more in the brgr, shake shack, burger joint, or even corner bistro continuum.

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  1. Soup burg has really good burgers and are cheap. No UES atmosphere at all, they're a diner on lexington around 76th. The original location on madison closed last year, I don't know if there's a difference in quality.

    1. JG Melon, baby! One of the best burgers in the city!!!! Excellent fries, too in a casual pleasant bar....been there forever, a nabe top favorite....It's at Third Ave & 74th Street....Enjoy!

      1. Not a happening place like shake shack or even JG Melon, but Ottomanelli New York Grill on 93rd and Lex serves up a great burger.

        1. JG Melon is your best bet!