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Jul 3, 2007 03:15 AM

Dinner off I-84 - Newburgh/Fishkill/Middletown/ Title

We regularly drive from CT to my in-laws in PA & have never really found anywhere good to stop on the way for a quick dinner. Our route is I-84 through CT, into NY, getting off at 209 in Milford, PA.

Ideal stopping points would be Newburgh/Fishkill or further into NY - Middletown or in Milford, PA

Any ideas for places just off the highway that'd be worth stopping at on a Friday night - we like all sorts of food, but for this trip something quick & easy would be prefered!

I originally posted this on the North East board but then someone pointed out this might be more appropriate geographically!

Thanks in advance


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  1. You could try the Barnstormer BBQ in Newburgh or the Lexus Diner in Newburgh. There is also a diner at the Route 52 exit in Fishkill.

    In Middletown, off the Route 17 exit, there are plenty of chains, including Red Robin and Cheeseburger in Paradise.

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      Red Robin in Middletown is closed due to bankruptcy.

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        there is a new red robin that just opened up about a week ago on route 9 in the town of poiughkeepsie across from toys r us. for those who don't know, this place is probably 10-15 min north from I84 exit.

    2. we make almost exactly the same trip, although not regularly enough if you ask my MIL...
      this doesn't qualify as quick & easy but i'll throw it out there anyway: John's Harvest Inn on Rt 17M in Middletown. kind of a quirky place with an old-school menu (liver with onions & bacon!), but we met the in-laws there once and they liked it so much that they go back there with their friends. we will sometimes meet them halfway just for dinner instead of going all the way to PA and staying overnight. if your in-laws will let you get away with that, the website is

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        Also under the heading of 'not quick or easy' but good -- Brothers Trattoria in Beacon and Gus's steak house in Newburgh (I think).

      2. I would recommend the I-84 Diner, at the Route 52 exit in Fishkill (one exit west of the US Route 9 exit). They have a big menu, good service, and decent food. It's nothing really special, but it sounds like what you're looking for.

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          Please note that the I84 Diner has two menus, one with higher prices for the weekend. Soak the tourist, I say!

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            Thanks to all for the recommendations - don't blame the I84 diner for getting more out of the tourists - is there anything in particular that they do well?

            John Harvest sounds a little more of a 'dinner out' than we're looking for - but thanks for the suggestion.

            Has anyone tried the BBQ place that replaced Unami in Fishkill?



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              If you like a good burger and fries there is a Cheeseburger in Paradise in Middletown. It's a chain, I know, but at least it's not one you'll find anywhere else in NY/New England. :)

        2. I think the day for eating at diners has come and gone. None of them are doing well, and no wonder, with so many better choices out there.

          For a nice quick meal, good food, reasonable pricing (and it will rid your mind of diners forever!) I would recommend Cosimos on Union on Route 300. Just west of Newburgh center, take the Union ave exit off I-84, go south 3/4 mile, and there is Cosimo's. Easy on, easy off. Patio dining in good weather. Great brick oven personal pizzas, burgers, pasta, and good homemade creative dishes.

          More here:

          1. +1 for Cosimo's. There is one in Newburgh and in Middletown. (please drive very carefully)
            Maya Inn (I think that's the name) in Fishkill right near the I-84/ Rte. 9 exchange.
            Toro is just down from the 84 Diner if you feel like Korean and sushi. There's an Indian place in the same plaza.
            These are all a short shot from 84.